Zero Gravity Dubai to Organise Fundraising Event for Australian Wildfire

Zero Gravity Dubai to Organise Fundraising Event for Australian Wildfire

Dubai’s Zero Gravity will be hosting a community event on Sunday, 26th January, in collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent. Here’s how you can help

The UAE is extending financial and other support to Australia to help the country tackle its ongoing wildfire crisis, which has impacted thousands of Australians and the wildlife there. Around 28 people and 1.25 billion animals have been killed by the raging fires, while 2,000 homes have been destroyed. To provide relief to Australians and help them with the rebuilding process, Zero Gravity, a nightclub in Dubai, is supporting UAE’s #mateshelpmates initiative. It is hosting a fundraising event on Australia Day, i.e., Sunday, 26th January from 2 pm. With the support of Emirates Red Crescent, all funds collected during the event will be sent to the Red Cross in Australia.

Australian Wildfire

Australian Wildfire

Speaking about the upcoming event, General Manager Zero Gravity, Peter Skuditis said, "Coming from Melbourne, I grew up in the Dandenong Ranges National Park where I experienced first-hand the devastation that bushfires can cause so this is a situation that is very personal to me.

“My family and I were evacuated in 1997 when the entire area was hit by bushfires and many of my good friends lost their homes, with only scorched ground remaining where once there was lush forest.

“I am amazed at the incredible outreach of support that the local Dubai community has already offered this event, and not just the Australians. We are looking forward to a wonderful community event and raising much-needed funds towards the bushfire relief effort.”

Dubai residents can join the family event, which will include an Aussie barbie, food, raffle draws, music by DJs, face painting, games, pool and beach access, and an auction to collect donations. Raffle draw prizes will be donated by the local community while DJs will be volunteering their time for the event. People can also make a donation via Emirates Red Crescent – (mateshelpmates) -- and

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By Ayesha Hoda
Ayesha Hoda is a senior communications professional and writer, currently based in Dubai, UAE.