Zayn Malik Has a Huge Fan in Shah Rukh Khan's Household!
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Zayn Malik Has a Huge Fan in Shah Rukh Khan's Household!

Guess who in SRK's family is a die-hard One D fan?

Now we know why Shah Rukh Khan took a selfie with One Direction star singer Zayn Malik! A few weeks ago, Shah Rukh Khan’s selfie with Zayn Malik at the Asian Awards went viral! But Shah Rukh had a legitimate reason for taking the picture.
Apparently, daughter Suhana is a HUGE fan of Zayn Malik, who is a worldwide teen senation. Interestingly, Zayn too is a big fan of King Khan and enjoys watching his movies.
At the awards, we hear that SRK walked up to Zayn and chatted with him for a long while. A source tells us, “Shah Rukh was so cool on discovering that it was Zayn Malik, who his daughter adores.  He greeted him. The One Direction singer was surprised to see the superstar come up to him and was overwhelmed by SRK’s gesture.” Well, Suhana is only lucky girl, who has an even luckier dad who gets to hobnob with the world famous stars!
Considering Zayn recently admitted that Farah Khan’s Main Hoon Na was one of his favourite films, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see Zayn in the next Farah Khan film soon! And if King Khan agrees to do the same film is will be a double bonanza for fans worlwide!
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