Zarrar Teaser: Shaan Shahid’s Upcoming Film Fails to Make an Impact

Zarrar Teaser: Shaan Shahid’s Upcoming Film Fails to Make an Impact

In Shaan Shahid's Zarrar's first look, the only noticeable thing was veteran actor Nadeem Baig as Major General Mujtaba dressed in black attire, sporting a French beard.

After serious debacle as writer, director and actor, veteran Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid has come up with yet another war movie conveniently named Zarrar. Zarrar has been in the making for quite some time and there was so much speculation about the film especially after the dismal performance of Arth: The Destination at the box office. Shaan’s last directorial was a remake of Bollywood film Arth directed by Mahesh Bhatt and went off screens without leaving a mark. It is probably after Arth’s poor box office numbers that Shaan decided to go back to action films. He believes that he can find his salvation in films that are dipped in only green colour of patriotism.

Coming back to Zarrar, Shaan released a 30 second teaser which introduces legendary actor Nadeem Baig who is dressed in a black jacket sporting a French beard as Maj. Gen. Mujtaba. The voice of Nadeem Baig was heard in the background stating “Kehte hein agar aman chahte ho tou jang ki tayari kerlo (the saying goes that if you want peace then prepare for a war)” that was followed by Shaan’s voice: “Aur jang sirf hoslay se nahi, hathyaar se larhi jati ha aur apne eik aisa hathyaar tayyar kiya, jo pehle kabhi nahi bana (Wars are not just fought with courage, but with arsenal and you build a weapon that was not ever made before)”.

The teaser didn’t give us much apart from some words like “The color of sacrifice is Red” which then switched to “The color of sacrifice is Green’, and after that “We are in a state of war, the war you don’t see” appears on screen. Then there was Shaan, he was seen cutting people up with some kind of knife. Although Kiran Malik or Nayyar Ejaz are also part of Zarrar, you don’t see them in the teaser which is strange considering someone besides Shaan had already stolen the show - Nadeem Baig.

Zarrar, also shows us a man stating that this is Afghanistan. It appears as if this film is somewhat based of Afghan crisis including the war against terror. After watching the trailer, I have strong feeling that this film is already carrying an obsolete storyline. We have had so many films on this topic and none of them worked since Waar. Even Yalghaar was way below expectations, especially its box office numbers were disappointing. Even this time, if you look at the numbers on social media the teaser failed to make a public buzz. It appears that Shaan’s long career is already in a twilight zone: lets see how far he can stretch it.
Zarrar is scheduled to be released in 2020.

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