Zara Noor Abbas Urges the Fans To Realize the Importance Of Family

Zara Noor Abbas Urges the Fans To Realize the Importance Of Family

Zara Noor Abbas has given two films namely ‘Chhalawa’ and ‘Parey Hut Love’ back to back. Despite her busy schedule, Zara is a complete family girl.

Zara Noor Abbas recently shared a happy family photo with her fans urging them to love their families and friends and take nothing for granted. In this picture, Zara Noor Abbas and Husband Asad Siddiqui can be seen happily posing with Zara's parents and siblings laughing their hearts out. The happy family photo has Zara’s parents, brothers their wives, nieces and Zara with her husband Asad. Everyone is color-coordinated wearing blue jeans and crisp white shirts. Zara, however, can be seen wearing denim on denim sporting red lips. With hair loosely tied back, Zara Noor Abbas is smiling at her father.

‘Don’t take anyone for granted’

She posted the happy photo with a caption,

‘Need nothing more than this 
MashAllah!! @opmshoots
This is a shoot done weeks ago.
Saw this in my gallery today and realized how life is so short. So unpredictable.
So please value eachother. Your family and friends. Live truly. Dont take anyone for granted.
Because nothing is forever.’

Zara Noor Abbas lost her cousin brother just a few days ago

More than the photo, the caption of the photo is particularly important. Just a few days ago, Zara Noor Abbas lost her cousin-brother Sheraz Nasir, the travel and adventure enthusiast, who lost his life in a tragic accident.  He was Zara’s aunt Sumbal Shahid’s cousin and was well-known in the travel and adventure circles of Pakistan. Losing the loved ones always makes one value whom they already have even more.

In her post for his death, Zara Noor Abbas mentioned that he was the bravest and most daring of all.

‘Humara Sher.
Sherry bhai!! The bravest of all. The most daring.
Untill we meet again.’

She was visiting the North when her brother passed away

Her cousin’s death came in the time when Zara Noor Abbas was also visiting the Northern areas with her in-laws and husband. Pictures from the trip had been gracing social media and were receiving appreciation from the fans. She had a good time unwinding from her busy schedule and posted,

‘They say you will never find peace if you are always in a hurry. So i sat down here for a bit. Heard a few heartbeats.
And i met Her. For a bit only though.
The girl who was like calamity. Looked like me. But was at peace. For a bit only though.
Its so important to unwind. To meet yourself. Once a while.

For a bit only though...’

Zara Noor Abbas is a family girl

Zara Noor Abbas hails from the family of talented actors and writers. Her grandfather Ahmad Bashir was was famous journalist, writer, and film-maker.  Her aunts Bushra Ansari and Sumbal Shahid are also famous actresses who have proved their mettle through their performance. Zara’s mother Asma Abbas is also a television and film actress who has delivered many strong roles. Her husband Asad Siddiqui is also an actor who is the nephew of famous actor Adnan Siddiqui.

Zara Noor Abbas is very close to her family and loved ones. She often posts photos with her husband, parents and in-laws. In her interviews, Zara Noor Abbas has been vocal about how her husband Asad Siddiqui’s support has strengthened  her progress in work. She shares a close bond with her sister-in-law. When Zara’s mother Asma Abbas went through a battle with the otherwise deadly Cancer, Zara Noor Abbas left everything to be by the side of her ailing mother.  She calls her mother her best friend and is very attached to her. Zara Noor Abbas and her aunt The famous actress Bushra Ansari also get along very well. In fact, Bushra Ansari is also close to Zara’s husband Asad Siddiqui who played the role of her son in the famous drama ‘Dolly Ki Aayegi Baraat.’

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By Saadia Ahmed
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