Zara Noor Abbas Urges  Fans to Put Themselves First in Her New vlog ‘Pehle Main’

Zara Noor Abbas Urges Fans to Put Themselves First in Her New vlog ‘Pehle Main’

Zara Noor Abbas is known for her innocent looks and understated acting skills. Apart from the television, she has also created a place for herself as a film star

Zara Noor Abbas and husband Asad Siddiqui have initiated a platform where they intend to promote the people who are talented and dream of something bigger than what they are actually doing. They have named it ‘The Rise Production’ as the main aim it helps the people rise and shine above their circumstances. In the first series, Zara NoorAbbas has started a youtube channel titled ‘Pehle Main’ which literally means ‘I come first.’ In the first episode of ‘Pehle Main’ Zara read out letters of the people who have shared things that bother them.

People shared their insecurities through ‘Letters to Zara’

People wrote to Zara about their insecurities like bad skin, hair, marriage and social issues. According to Zara, people mostly value what others think and not what they want. Self-love and positivity is the key to success and achieve bigger dreams. Zara Noor Abbas kept her style casual and conversational so that the audiences could build the confidence of speaking to her. The set was also a simple writing table with a red book of love, tea, and some biscuits. Zara Noor Abbas announced that the next episode of the series would be a surprise.

Social Media reactions

Zara Noor Abbas has a strong and loyal fan base who has always loved her work. This new endeavor made them feel even more proud of their favorite girl.

'Best of luck, let me check this out

‘Zara i think you can also try hosting

‘And by the way u r the best and i like ur work alot. U work with so much decency u and sajal both are my favorites. Lots of love zara

‘I will see this tonight.. in sha Allah.. Love u zara api.. precious doll..

‘I am proud of you️’

Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui strengthen each other

Zara Noor Abbas was acting even before she got married to the actor Asad Siddiqui but her career took an upward flight after the marriage. The two are each other’s pillars of strength and have added value to their work since coming together. Zara Noor Abbas has given two back to back films like Chhalawa and Parey Hut Love. Her work in both films was appreciated by the audiences. Zara Noor Abbas comes from a family of actors and is the daughter of the famous actress Asma Abbas. She is the youngest niece of Bushra Ansari and Sumbal Shahid.

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