Zara Noor Abbas is a Part of Drama Serial 'Zebaish' Written by Bushra Ansari
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Zara Noor Abbas is a Part of Drama Serial 'Zebaish' Written by Bushra Ansari

Zara Noor Abbas is the only daughter of the famous television actress Asma Abbas. She is currently one of the busiest actresses in the television and film industry

Zara Noor Abbas is considered one of the most promising actresses of the current generation. She started her acting career only three years ago with Faheem Burney’s drama serial Dharkan. However, she rose to fame with drama serial Khamoshi in 2017 which was considered one of the most-watched plays of that year. She started working more actively after getting married to the fellow actor Adnan Siddiqui in a star-studded yet intimate wedding in December 2017. Since then, Zara Noor Abbas ‘s career has only taken an upward flight. She was a part of the two big films namely Chhalawa and Parey Hut Love in the year 2019 which did great business at the box office.

Zara Noor Abbas is active on social media and often keeps her fans informed about her life. She recently posted the shot a scene from her drama Zebaish which has been written by Bushra Ansari, the veteran actress who also happens to be Zara Noor Abbas’s maternal aunt. In this drama, the fans will get to see the two sisters Asma Abbas and Bushra Ansari on the screen as sisters. Although the story also extends to their children, the main theme revolves around the sisters.

Zara Noor Abbas comes from a family of artists. Her mother Asma Abbas, who started her full-time acting career much later in life, is now one of the most prominent actresses in the industry. Her maternal aunt Bushra Ansari is a legendary actress and host who needs no introduction. Zara Noor Abbas’s aunt Sumbal Nasir also joined showbiz at a much later stage in her life. Her maternal grandfather Ahmed Bashir was a famous journalist and filmmaker.

Hence, art and creativity run in her blood. According to her aunt Bushra Ansari, Zara Noor Abbas once performed with her in a live show when she was still a child. Zara Noor Abbas’s husband Asad Siddiqui is also an actor and is the nephew of the famous actor Adnan Siddiqui.

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