Zaira Wasim Quits Bollywood: The Curious Case of the Dangal Actress and her Noisy Exit
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Zaira Wasim Quits Bollywood: The Curious Case of the Dangal Actress and her Noisy Exit

Zaira Wasim’s exit from Bollywood has made bigger headlines than perhaps even Amitabh Bachchan’s exit from politics

24 hours after Zaira Wasim made headlines for quitting  cinema — not even  Amitabh Bachchan had made so much news when he  quit politics — I was speaking to an eminent Muslim  liberal voice from  the  film industry  about Zaira’s  noisy  exit. And he  said, “Who is this  girl? Yeh hai kaun?  Isske jaane  se kya farq padta hai? Is  she  Smita Patil, or Shabana Azmi  or Meryl Streep  leaving a  vacuum behind the industry that no one can  fill? Arrey, the girl is under pressure. Let her sort out her life. Jaane do  ussey. Mat roko.”

I completely agree with the above view. First of all, Zaira Wasim is not such an important actor that we need to mourn her departure.  Sure, she did well in Dangal  and  Secret Superstar. But nothing that any other competent actress couldn’t have done. Why such a big  tamasha  over  her  departure? Is this Jaya  Bhaduri  bidding cinema  adieu?

It was evident from the start that Zaira had an ultra-conservative family background to deal with. She  is  not the  first conservative  Muslim  woman  to  seek an acting career. Decades ago Waheeda Rehman faced ferocious flak  for facing the  camera. They caller anti-Islam  and  other names. But she stuck on. She  knew what she  was doing. Waheedaji made  a huge  name for herself. She never shamed her family. Her dignity didn’t suffer because of her chosen  profession.

It is sad  that Zaira makes the  film industry sound like a den of vice.  It is as evil  or  straight a workplace as  you make it to be. Raveena Tandon has  not faced a day of stress or turmoil. I wonder how the entertainment industry can ever come in the  way of an individual’s tryst with God, because to the greatest artistes of Bollywood, their WORK is  God.

Do you  know that  the greatest artiste of India Lata Mangeshkar  never went  into  a recording studio with her  footwear on? To  Lataji,  the  recording studio  was a temple. Every time Madhuri Dixit dances  on stage she first pays respect to the  stage by  touching the stage  and then touching her  forehead.

What  made you so  insecure, Zaira? God knows what  the  pressures  were but  you  could have left quietly. Why the noise? And now your manager joins in  the ruckus  to claim your account was  hacked. Of course it wasn’t. When religion invades  the  work place there is no confusion on account of one’s  belief.

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