Zaira Wasim Quits Bollywood, Bollywood Reacts, Raveena Tandon Wishes Zaira Hadn't 'Demeaned Others'
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Zaira Wasim Quits Bollywood, Bollywood Reacts, Raveena Tandon Wishes Zaira Hadn't 'Demeaned Others'

Zaira Wasim has quit Bollywood as she announced on social media. Bollywood star Raveena Tandon has issued multiple tweets about it one of which says that she wished Zaira hadn't demeaned others in the process

Zaira Wasim made her impressive film debut in Aamir Khan's Dangal, a film based on the life and events of Mahavir Singh Phogat and his daughters Geeta and Babita Phogat who won the Olympic gold medals for India. Zaira later appeared in Aamir Khan's film Secret Superstar and is set to appear in The Sky is Pink, a film directed by Shonali Bose that also stars Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar.

Zaira announced her exit from Bollywood recently citing religious reasons.

Zaira's earlier tweet, a quote from Orwell, could have been a foreboding of Zaira's decision perhaps. “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell

The news garnered various reactions from all and sundry but actress Raveena Tandon spoke out on Twitter saying, "Doesn’t matter if two film olds are ungrateful to the industry that has given them all. Just wish they’d exit gracefully and keep their regressive views to themselves". Moreover, her idea found support in many people who agreed that Zaira should have quit Bollywood quietly.

"Why couldn’t Zaira Wasim quit Bollywood quietly?" said Aarti Tikoo Singh, a tweet that was endorsed by Raveena Tandon. "Why did she have to paint acting as a path of ignorance, sin & anti-religion? In her personal choice/decision & public self-righteousness, she stigmatized all actors. No different from Islamist extremists who call art ‘haraam’.

Raveena responded,  "I respect her decision to quit, announce to her fans, her life, her choice.would’ve been more graceful if she had not condemned all as the reason for doing so.discovering spirituality is beautiful, but don’t demean others. When girls in the industry are wronged, I’m the first to protest."

Others agreed with Raveena. "She made this ungraceful for herself by converting what should have been a private decision/ affair into one huge public drama," said a user, stating that this "is not only unfair to her profession of choice, but also to the other actors across the world belonging to her faith. Sad."

Lately, Raveena Tandon talked about loving her industry. "I standby and love my industry, all the opportunities it gives to everyone," she said. "The exit is your choice, reason, by all means. Just do not demean it for everyone else. The industry where all work shoulder to shoulder, no differences, caste, religion or where you come from. #Respect #indianfilms"

Others may not have supported Bollywood directly but somewhat agreed with Raveena's stance.

It is sad to see a young adult throw away a promising career and her decision to do so is rooted in religion. We need more Zairas to break away from the clutches of religion and become successful individuals, and not the other way round.

Journalist Barkha Dutt also stated that she respects Zaira Wasim but is deeply disturbed by religious conservatism. "I respect @ZairaWasimmm space to make a choice to either join or leave films," she stated on Twitter, "But I am deeply disturbed at the indoctrination of religious conservatism - any religion-in that choice being made. Thus Choice is sometimes a complicated word. For women, especially."

Zaira's Dangal director, Nitesh Tiwari, Mid-Day about Zaira's decision that he only read about it online and "it came as a shock to me. This was unexpected, but at the end of the day, it is her life and she has the right to lead it." Tiwari said that "chosen for reasons best known to all of us. There’s a sense of loss because Zaira is an extremely talented actress.”

The debate continues on social media as different users weigh in on Zaira's decision to quit. Some supported Zaira's stance of taking a stance while others agreed that religious reasons shouldn't be the right way to quit as there are many Muslim actresses in Bollywood as well. Zaira's film The Sky is Pink will eventually be her last stint in Bollywood and it is set to release October 2019

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