Zaid Ali T Announced His Age and Twitter Can’t Handle It

Zaid Ali T Announced His Age and Twitter Can’t Handle It

Zaid Ali T, the YouTube star, just celebrated his birthday and took to social media to share a birthday post. Twitter went into a frenzy and suggested Zaid is lying about his age
Zaid Ali T Announced His Age and Twitter Can’t Handle It
Zaid Ali T and Yumna Zaid

Pakistani-Canadian YouTube sensation Zaid Ali Tahir, who is commonly known as Zaid Ali T celebrated his birthday on Tuesday and shared his special day with his fans and followers. Known for his hilarious videos and relatable wit which he has been sharing with his fans since the mere age of 16, Zaid has become a household name and if you haven’t seen a single one of his videos then you must have been living under a rock. He rose to prominence with his YouTube videos in which he is often seen mocking a desi mother and how they treat their desi children living in the west.

On Tuesday, Zaid took to Instagram and shared a picture of him surrounded by lots of balloons and a happy birthday banner running above him. He wrote a hearfelt post and dedicated his birthday to his fans.

“Allhamdulilah It’s my birthday! I turn 24 today. This year marks the 8th year of me making videos on YouTube,” Zaid wrote in his post. He added, “I started making videos at the age of 16 and your continued support and love has kept me going. This birthday is dedicated to all of you.”

His wife, Yumna Zaidi was quick to chime in wrote in the comments section, “Happy birthday my dearest Jani! May you have an amazing year ahead. Proud of you!”

What ensued was most certainly not what Zaid was expecting. After mentioning his age, social media went into frenzy with almost every comment suggesting that he is not the age he claims to be. While Zaid tells fans he has just turned 24, many were quick to rubbish his claim and took to Twitter to..well bash him. Here’s what they all had to say:

While a quick search on Google will show you that Zaid is 24 years old, the Twitterati is not impressed.

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