Zahid Ahmed and Sami Khan Starrer, “Ishq Zahe Naseeb” Is Spellbinding and Poetic In Episode 17
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Zahid Ahmed and Sami Khan Starrer, “Ishq Zahe Naseeb” Is Spellbinding and Poetic In Episode 17

“Ishq Zahe Naseeb” stars Zahid Ahmed, Sami Khan, Sonya Hussain and Zarnish Khan in powerful roles in Hum TV’s show on dissociative identity disorder

Ishq Zahe Naseeb” has been like a breath of fresh air to drama viewers, offering a story that is both interesting and unique to Pakistani television viewers.  While there are currently a range of great Pakistani shows offering topics like spirituality, narcissism, marriage to a disabled partner, infidelity and so forth, “Ishq Zahe Naseeb” is a must-watch due to its solid storyline along with incredible performances by its extremely talented cast.  Starring talented names like Zahid Ahmed, Sami Khan, Sonya Hussain and Zarnish Khan (amongst others), each and every actor performs to the best of their ability, leaving viewers with a show that is nothing short of memorable, poetry in motion. 

In episode 17, Goher (Sonya Hussain) is fired by Sabiha (Ismat Zaidi), who has begun to show signs to the audience that she has always tried to control Sameer (Zahid Ahmed), his business, home and wealth for her own personal gain.  While initially it has seemed that Sabiha has always had Sameer’s best interest at heart, it’s beginning to look a little more sinister.  Is it a potential angle that Sabiha is able to control Sameera (Yumna Zaidi), Sameer’s alter ego – and did she possibly have a hand in Zoya’s (Azekah Daniel) murder?  Only time will tell, but at this point, Sabiha’s character has just become more interesting. 

Searching for a job, Goher ends up at Jabbar Sahab’s (Manzoor Qureshi) office and spots Kashif (Sami Khan).  After seeing him, she finds out about his position in the office, along with his engagement to Donia (Zarnish Khan).  Overwhelmed by this turn of events, she leaves the office – but she does not go unnoticed by Kashif.  Kashif notices Goher’s name on the list of applicants and rushes to see her, but is too late.  Sami Khan’s acting here is top-notch, proving that he can enact any role with sincerity and ease, while giving his character the depth needed. 

Engaged to Donia, Kashif has been unable to forget Goher for even a minute.  Loyal to a fault to Goher, he continues to dream of her, imagine her and hold her close to his heart.  Moving on is a pretense and he is simply going along with the motions, something which is not lost on Jabbar Sahab, who hopes things will get better as time goes on for the happiness of his daughter.  Donia is aware of Kashif’s past, but knowing his level of commitment and understanding his feelings due to her own past, she is a little insecure, but holds faith in Kashif.  Her growth as a person shows in this episode as she loosens the reigns of control on the business, trusting Kashif to share the load with her.  Her happiness with this engagement is clear and while viewers continue to root for Kashif and Goher, it’s difficult to want anything bad for Sameer OR Donia, two complicated but genuine individuals. 

Sameer is furious that Sabiha fired Goher and is becoming aware that Sabiha is spying on him through his secretary, Natasha.  He begins cutting Natasha out of situations to avoid information being passed on to his mother, but Natasha continues to try to block Goher’s entry near Sameer.  Finally, Sameer calls Goher on his own and offers her a job – one that has a better package than before.  Happily, Goher accepts the job.  Sameer and Sabiha get into an argument after she realizes he has hired Goher again and threatens him with her shares in the business – to which Sameer threatens to separate and start his own business.  Sabiha is shocked to see her control over Sameer loosening and Sameer taunts her that all she has done for him has been for her own personal gain due to his father’s will.  Sabiha is left shocked while Sameer runs upstairs and turns into Sameera. 

Zahid Ahmed’s expressions in this episode are extraordinary, showing a range of emotions in such a way that viewers both fear and love Sameer at the same time.  To call this character complicated would be an understatement, but he is one of the more layered roles seen on television in a long time and Zahid brings Sameer to life in the most intriguing way.  It’s not just Zahid though – Sami Khan speaks volumes through his eyes and mannerisms, making Kashif a most lovable character, one who is guilty at the thought of betraying his love.  Sami Khan is forever dependable to deliver a knockout performance.  Likewise, Sonya Hussain is a natural, making Goher a character that viewers want to root for, a character that is strong, confident and hard-working without sacrificing her principles.  Sonya has come a long way as an actress and she has proven that she’s a force to reckon with.  Zarnish Khan is beyond endearing as Donia, complicated and lovable, a mature woman grappling with her insecurities.  The entire supporting cast pulls this show together and while we still have several episodes to go, this show is a masterpiece in the making – unless the writers somehow manage to mess it up in the last bulk of episodes.

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