You will Never Guess who Ranveer Singh's Best Friend is!

Psst..It may not be Deepika Padukone
You will Never Guess who Ranveer Singh's Best Friend is!

The world of Bollywood may be known for its rivalries and controversies but just like us, our stars all have that one best friend to count on for bear hugs and those #goalworthy holidays and good times. 

Talk about best friends in B-town and the first few names that come to mind are Shah Rukh Khan-Karan Johar and Kareena Kapoor- Amrita Arora, but hey, who said all famous people need to have famous friends? Here are some of the lesser known friendships of the industry. 
T’town’s favourite Alia Bhatt found her bestie in Akansha Ranjan the daughter of actor-director Shashi and Anu Ranjan who organize the Gr8 Women Awards among other things. Kanchu, as Alia fondly calls her, is a popular face on social media with over a hundred thousand followers on her Instagram account sporting a bio that reads ‘’I’m gonna act in movies and stuff, but for the most part I dye my hair crazy colours and train daily so I can run away with the circus someday.’’ With all this paagalpan and Alia as her confidant we can’t seem to imagine how much infectious energy these two bring to the room! The last we heard, Alia flew all the way to celebrate Akansha’s birthday in Spain, right in the middle of shooting for Badrinath Ki Dulhania, now that’s a bestie we all secretly hope we had! 
Shraddha Kapoor has soon grown to become Bollywood’s sweetheart with innocence and charm like none other. While many of us struggle finding that one best friend to lean on, the Bollywood gal has built herself a tiny girl army of best friends, #SistersBeforeMisters! This close knit bestie group includes event planner Eshanka Wahi, designer Ankita Choksey, divorce lawyer Fazaa Shroff Garg, Mallika Iyengar and Rishita Shah. In a world so fast paced where everyone’s running against their hectic schedules, these girls are a treat to sore eyes when we spot them living it up every once in a while. Most recently, they took off to Europe to celebrate Shraddha’s birthday… we would be lying if we said we weren’t jealous looking at all the photos!
Shraddha with her gang at Tomorrowland 
Ankita, Fazaa and Shraddha 
Attending best friends Eshanka's wedding 
With bestie Fazaa when she was preggers
When you think of Ranveer Singh with a group of friends, you can’t help but picture their shenanigans being nothing less than a scene straight out of the film Hangover. The Bollywood firecracker makes as much a dhamaka off screen as he does on screen. His closest group of friends are guys, most 
of whom have been with him much before he entered Bolly-land. This wolf pack includes Karan Kapadia, an ad film director, photographer Rohan Shrestha and assistant director Navzar Eranee. This quartet recently took their bromance right to Switzerland where they mixed work with pleasure as they shot a campaign for Switzerland tourism. 
With Karan Kapadia
With Rohan Shreshta
True to his image, the calm composed Sidharth hardly ever makes it to the news in terms of wild parties or big holiday trips. The actor’s close knit group of friends includes fashion designer Gauri Babber, childhood friend Richa Dhar and Adhiraj. From simple house parties to fun weddings, this group of dosts make it a point to attend every event together. On a side note, we are rubbishing every rumor of Alia and Sid being ‘’Just friends.” if they were, how come Alia doesn’t make it to any of the other gatherings with the other friends?! Unlike our other stars Sidharth chooses to keep his personal relationship under covers. 
With Gauri Babber and Adhiraj
With Gauri Babber
With Gauri and Richa 
The Gang
Last but not the least, you’ve not experienced true friendship until your been part of a trio! Imagine, your besties being fashion stylists! Updating you on the latest trends, bringing to you the latest off the runway. Also, let’s not forget all the free goodies over flutes of bubbly and countless outings! Whether it is holidaying in lands far away or catching the most recent flick at the cinema, Parineeti, Sanjana and Divyak manage to find some time to create new memories every now and then. 
With Divyak 
The Trio
With Sanjana