You Have Got to Try Out This Amazing New Workout

You Have Got to Try Out This Amazing New Workout

It's done on a stand-up paddleboard!
You Have Got to Try Out This Amazing New Workout

There’s a new workout in town, and if my foresight is anything to go by, it’s soon going to be the next big thing. This is not just any sweat breaker I’m talking about, they are Yoga/Pilates/HIIT/Mermaid inspired aqua workouts. Intriguing right?

My own experience on the waves was one to remember. On a bright Friday morning, I headed to Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, located near the stunning La Mer. That’s where I met Sophie, a total enthu-cutlet, who’s also the instructor and owner at Super SUP Fit! And, guess what- we spent at hour together after that, at sea, working out that core like never before! The workout kicked off with picking our paddleboards, on which we stood upright and rowed forward, attempting to get away from the shore. Once we were there, we were safely locked on to one common board, starting off the workout! A mix of Pilates and yoga, we tried our hands (and feet) at everything, from planks to sun salutations, to the tunes of the amazing playlist that Sophie had set. The hour-long class worked extensively on the body, testing our balance to the hilt- which trust me, is not as easy as it seems!

As I wobbled my way through the class, I realised the importance of building on balance, which move by move I learnt better to attain. We finished off with a few stretches and some much needed relaxation, soaking in the shining sun. Even if you’re not a total beach bum, head down to Super SUP Fit and give this amazing class a try. And, if you don’t end up liking it, you’ll at least get a fabulous tan and the ocean breeze in your hair!

Alternatively, I’ve also been told about their awesome HIIT workout in the pool class, held at Drift Beach One&Only Royal Mirage. If you’re looking for a high intensity workout, give this one a try too!

INFO: Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa with Fahrenheit Water Sports, Email to book your spot, 0554371633. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook @supersupfit and

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