Ye Dil Mera Episode 31:  Sajal Aly Dominates the Episode With Her Acting Prowess
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Ye Dil Mera Episode 31: Sajal Aly Dominates the Episode With Her Acting Prowess

Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly, Pakistan’s sweethearts, continue to give stellar performances in “Ye Dil Mera” as the story begins to inch towards its conclusion

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“Ye Dil Mera” is a show that has been inconsistent in its presentation, but the acting talent of its cast and captivating story has kept the audience interested.  The last few (fairly dull) episodes have focused on Mir Farooq’s (Adnan Siddiqui) hunt for Amaan (Ahad Raza Mir) and Aina (Sajal Aly) while Aina sets out to prove Farooq’s innocence against Amaan’s accusations.

Episode 31 begins with Farhana Khala (Natasha Hussain) and Buaa (Naima Khan) finally – no, really, finally, it’s been like 3 episodes of travel – arrive at Amaan and Aina’s Darya Bagh home.  While Farhana immediately runs to see Aina and consoles her, Buaa confronts Amaan as she questions his intentions.  Ahad Raza Mir is brilliant.  I say it every week and I’ll say it again.  He has simply made Amaan his own, accepted his flaws, his pain, his angst, vulnerabilities and passion for revenge and has brought Amaan to life.  He is not a flat character, he is a character with layers, one that brings out several different feelings at once.  Is Amaan a villain?  Is he to be hated?  Is he to be loved? 

Does a little boy who has faced so much pain and agony not deserve happiness?  Is his desire for payback not warranted?  It’s complicated, because what Amaan is doing is not right, but what happened to Amaan and his family is also not right.  Nargis Buaa comes to this realization as well as her anger towards Amaan melts after hearing his words and she realizes the amount of pain this man has had to endure.  This scene is one that stands out.  Amaan tells Buaa that the time has come for Aina to learn the truth.

After meeting Aina, Buaa is confronted with a barrage of questions as Aina asks her about their history in Darya Bagh.  As a visibly stressed and angry Aina questions Buaa, parts of the story come out and Aina is horrified, believing Buaa has been paid off by Amaan.  She runs away and heads towards the summer house to investigate, but Amaan intercepts and asks Buaa and Farhana to accompany her. 

Once at the summer house, Aina’s memories begin coming back to her in a stream as she walks through the house and the property.  While initially flooded with positive memories, they take a dark turn when memories of that fateful night begin to haunt her; memories of her parents fighting, memories of her mother’s bruised face, the escape from the window and the long trek to the railway station.  Viewers finally relive, through Aina’s memory, Neelofar’s (Mira Sethi) final moments and her death.  Watching Neelofar murdered ruthlessly by Ali Baksh is difficult to watch, but what’s the real kicker in this scene is how Aina’s mother was murdered directly in front of her and Ali Baksh didn’t even spare a moment before having Aina taken away. 

This scene does manage to explain Aina’s repressed memories – she was never given a moment to comprehend or grieve and, due to her young age, she was most likely heavily brainwashed (and/or drugged?) into blocking out those memories entirely.

Sajal Aly is the star of this episode.  So far, Aina has not been a character with much scope to perform in the sense that all the hard-hitting scenes have belonged to Ahad Raza Mir.  However, with this episode, Sajal finally hits the jackpot.  With almost an entire 30 minutes dedicated solely to her, Sajal Aly makes Aina’s journey through her past a riveting one despite the fact that the audience already knows most of these details. 

What could have otherwise turned into yet another flashback episode is turned into a thrilling one with Sajal’s facial expressions and body language revealing Aina’s mental state as she grapples with her memories – and later, the newfound truth that her beloved Agha Jaan is not only a murderer, but also had her mother killed.  Her performance in that final scene at the train station is especially commendable as Aina struggles to comprehend what has unfolded in her mind.  Sajal Aly, take a bow.

While of late “Ye Dil Mera” has had a barrage of weak episodes, the writing in the latest episode is solid and honestly, even the direction and editing is praiseworthy.  This was a good comeback to get the show back on track.  With Mir Farooq and Amaan coming face to face in the next episode, viewers are most excited to see a confrontation between Mir Farooq and Aina.  How will Aina react, knowing now that not only did her Agha Jan murder Amaan’s family, but also her own mother?

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