Ye Dil Mera Episode 30: An Opportunity Missed Yet Again
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Ye Dil Mera Episode 30: An Opportunity Missed Yet Again

Ye Dil Mera's latest episode disappoints which is sad because the show deserved more than these inconsistencies

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I'm frankly disappointed with how Ye Dil Mera has turned out to be. I was expecting this episode to prove me wrong but it didn't. More of terrible supporting actors getting far too much screen space than actual veteran actors cast in the tv show, unexplained occurrences and everything revolving within the same two rooms. Why did they do this to such a good tv show, is beyond me!

A show that began so strongly, one that had plenty of mystery, intrigue, thrill, a show that spoke about mental health in such a positive, powerful way, a show which had its male and female protagonists set as equals and not involved in some ridiculous status quo that is a comfortable trope for most tv shows sometimes has been reduced to a haphazard storytelling disaster.

The episode is filled with explanations and flashbacks by Bua Jee. Granted that these explanations were needed but the audiences saw them coming from a mile away. In fact some of the fan theories that said that maybe Aina's mother may be alive somewhere actually seemed more interesting (could it still happen? Who knows at this point!). Ali Bakhsh (played by the excellent Paras Masroor) convinces Bua Jee to remain silent about everything (the domestic abuse, the cold-blooded murder) because well, loyalty (silly excuse but yes, it happens in real life - perhaps a more convincing depiction of Bua Jee and Ali Bakhsh when it comes to their overall look would have made the difference). Bua Jee only divulges all this information because well, sudden change of heart.

There's tons of dialog between Khala and Bua whereas only one very powerful scene between Aina and Amaan (all credit for Sajal Ali to turn that scene into one goosebump-inducing ride) but that still doesn't answer a lot of questions. Bua Jee and Khala Jee finally come to meet Amaan and Farooq is still lost somewhere (how has he still not tracked them, we don't know). It's a sad and unfortunate end to a great show that could have been greater if it wasn't marred by lack of focus and various inconsistencies that a good show like this just didn't deserve.

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