Ye Dil Mera Episode 28: Amaan Reveals His True Identity To Mir Farooq
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Ye Dil Mera Episode 28: Amaan Reveals His True Identity To Mir Farooq

Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal Aly and Adnan Siddiqui continue to impress viewers with their strong performances in Hum TV’s “Ye Dil Mera,” a tale of love, revenge, and deceit

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“Ye Dil Mera” seems to only have a few episodes left and audieces are waiting to see how the story will unfold from this point onward.  While episode 28 had one particularly exciting moment, the episode overall was full of repetition, drawn out moments and, to put it bluntly, moments where the characters are simply not thinking logically, stuck in the quicksand of their minds.

In episode 28, we see Farhana and Nargis Bua (Naima Khan) together, discussing Farhana’s trip.  As poor editing is at work once again here, viewers were left wondering how the two ended up together to begin with.  But the interaction between the two should have been dialogue-packed and yet, it left a lot to be desired as both Bua Ji and Farhana were speaking in circles the entire time.  While Farhana repeated over and over that Farooq and Ali Baksh should not know she’s there, Bua Ji kept stating that she can’t talk about Farooq’s business, while still stating that Aina is in danger. 

What’s frustrating about this is that there is absolutely no way for Bua to convince Farhana of Aina’s predicament without explaining the entire backstory – and yet Bua ji is not willing to do so.  Meanwhile, Farhana is just fixated on Neelofar’s death and barely bats an eye when Bua ji tells her that Aina is in danger.  The scenes between the two left a lot to be desired – again, not because the scenes didn’t move the story forward, but because it was just repetitive.

There’s this intense scene between Amaan (Ahad Raza Mir) and Aina (Sajal Aly) in Darya Baagh. Amaan expresses his concern to Aina about her well-being and while Aina scoffs at his declaration, Amaan breaks down the walls and admits his love for Aina in a very intense way.  Ahad Raza Mir just shines here, straddling the line between hatred and love all at once.  And while it seems Aina’s softening towards Amaan, letting her guard down and starting to believe that Amaan actually does feel for her, she turns to stone when Amaan, once again, reiterates the accusations towards Farooq being a murderer.  Sajal Aly is not given much scope to act here. 

A powerhouse of a performer, Sajal is stuck in a rut as Aina simply because Aina does not have room to grow within the way she has been written.  Aina is naïve, sure, but at this point with Amaan accusing her father of murder and manipulation, shouldn’t Aina be trying to piece something together?  Surely she would start putting two and two together and realize there’s some basis for research – Farooq’s lengthy business trips and long absences, her nightmares, Farooq’s dismissive nature towards her mental health… a viewer, I wish she would connect the dots on her own.  She’s trying to prove Farooq’s innocence, right?  How?  By staring at the road with bloodshot eyes and a red nose?  How does Aina plan on doing this exactly?

The highlight of the episode is, of course, the scene where Amaan drives to Islamabad and introduces himself to Farooq publicly as the son of Obaidullah and Humaira, a moment where Mir Farooq is rendered speechless.  The angst that comes out in Amaan’s declaration, the intensity, the anger, the burning hatred is all brought out perfectly by Ahad Raza Mir in a performance that is the stand-out moment of the episode.  If there’s one thing the viewer is left with at the end of the 40 minute period, it’s that Ahad Raza Mir has outdone himself with his portrayal of Amaan.  It’s becoming difficult not to be repetitive week after week, but Ahad Raza Mir is a force in the Pakistani entertainment industry.  If he  “arrived” with “Yakeen Ka Safar,” this show has brought out the true “actor” in him. 

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Of course, Adnan Siddiqui plays off Ahad well and his reactions are spot on when Farooq discovers the truth of Amaan’s identity.  There’s a fear there, the fear of not only being exposed in the world, but of his past coming out to now harm his daughter – or worse, Aina turning against Farooq.  This fear is now what is propelling Farooq and Ali Baksh against Amaan in a game of cat and mouse.

“Ye Dil Mera” is now at a point where the story is set to zoom full speed ahead as Bua and Farhana head to Darya Bagh to find Aina and Amaan while Farooq and Ali Baksh are also in search of the two.  How will this story come to a close?  Is it possible for such a show to have a happy ending?  What would be the ideal ending?  What would finally put Amaan at peace – or is something entirely different in store for him?  We will have to wait and watch!

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