Yasir Hussain Just Proposed to Iqra Aziz and Everyone Has Lost Their Cool

Yasir Hussain Just Proposed to Iqra Aziz and Everyone Has Lost Their Cool

Yasir Hussain proposed to actor Iqra Aziz in a dramatic and surprising move at last night’s Lux Style Awards. She said yes and the couple has finally made their relationship official!

She said yes! Only if you’ve been living under a rock since last night would you not know that Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain are finally engaged. Yup, they made it official last night at the annual Lux Style Awards 2019, held in Karachi. The most highly anticipated award ceremony of the year took place last night where the Suno Chanda actress bagged two awards, one for best actress for TV play (reviewer’s choice) and the other also for best actress for TV play (critic’s choice). But what really stole the show was the surprise proposal from her beau, Yasir Hussain.

After bagging the two awards, Iqra thanked ‘her love’ who was preparing for his segment backstage. While that statement left the audience gasping, what came next was really the cherry on top of the cake. Mid-way through the awards ceremony, Yasir Hussain got down on one knee and proposed to his lady love to which she responded yes! The Ranjha Ranjha Kardi actor was just as surprised as the rest of the audience and was most certainly not expecting the proposal.

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The couple has always been rumoured to be in a relationship but have always remained tight lipped when quizzed about it. Both Iqra and Yasir were dressed in coordinated Ali Xeeshan ensembles which were a tribute to their love. According to the pictures posted on the designer’s Instagram page, Iqra’s outfit was “a symbol of love and art displayed in fashion where design manifests into perfection.”

Iqra’s trail featured two swans with a heart between them and was heavily laden with floral prints.

Many also drew comparisons between Iqra’s hairstyle which bore rather similar resemblance to the look Bollywood actor, Deepika Padukone sported at the Cannes Film Festival this year. We wish the couple all the very best and await news on their wedding date. Stay tuned!

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