Yasir Hussain is Proud of Iqra Aziz for Turning Down a Fairness Cream Advertisement

Yasir Hussain is Proud of Iqra Aziz for Turning Down a Fairness Cream Advertisement

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz are among the most talked-about couples in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Both have a strong body of work

Yasir Hussain recently posted a  selfie with fiancé Iqra Aziz mentioning he was proud of her because she refused a high fee offer from a skin whitening cream. Iqra Aziz refused the offer because she believed the skin whitening creams have induced complex within the society. According to Yasir Hussain, all humans are equals and no one is superior on the basis of race, color or creed. He said that Iqra’s decision has made him love and respect her even more.

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain’s fans felt proud of her for standing up for the right cause. They expressed their appreciation under this post.

‘MashaAllah. @iiqraaziz such a beautiful person both inside and out. @yasir.hussain131 you both rock!! #respect#rolemodels#kind#beautiful’

‘We are àll beautiful in our own skin.

‘Great thinking’                     

Similarly, Iqra Aziz was also proud of Yasir Hussain a few months when he cross-dressed as a woman for his character in the play.

Yasir Hussain proposed Iqra Aziz during the Lux Style Awards in a surprising way. He later revealed that they were already engaged since February. And in the Lux Style Awards, he just gave Iqra the ring. Their engagement received mixed reviews. While some people were happy for the couple, many termed it attention-seeking.

Iqra Aziz started her showbiz career just five years ago with a television commercial. She made her acting debut with a supporting role in drama Kissey Apna Kahein. Since then she has worked in many dramas and advertisement campaigns. Her drama ‘ Suno Chanda’ was greatly appreciated by the audience. For the role of Jiya in ‘Suno Chanda’ Iqra Aziz also won the award for ‘Best Actress’ in Lux Style Awards. Yasir Hussain, on the other hand, started his career with theatre in Islamabad. The man of many talents is an actor, writer and host who has worked in all three forms: theatre, television, and film.

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By Saadia Ahmed
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