Yasir Hussain Hugs His Director While Taking a Dig at His Haters

Yasir Hussain Hugs His Director While Taking a Dig at His Haters

Yasir Hussain, the actor and host, has a diverse body of work and has explored almost all media of performing arts. He is known for his wit that often gets him into trouble.

Yasir Hussain, who is known for his pranks and wit, shared a behind the scenes photo hugging his director Azeem Sajjad. He also posted another image where he can be seen looking into his phone. Yasir Hussain took a dig at his trolls by saying that his haters would say stuff they usually do but he does not care much. Yasir Hussain and fiancé Iqra Aziz have been greatly trolled for their engagement at Lux Style Awards. Yasir Hussain, in his Instagram post, said, ‘Hugging my director @zoomiekhan Ab koi likhy ga “we are not interested” or “hamen kyon bata rahy ho" in k liye advance mai. Chakhayyyyy.'

However, it did not make much difference to his trolls who still had things to say. Some people also laughed at his caption and appreciated him for his wit. They felt the caption was even better than the photos.

He is currently working on a film with actress Sana Fakhar and keeps posting pictures with his co-stars from time to time.

Yasir Hussain started his career from being a VJ on Aag TV. Two years later he started theatre. Yasir Hussain is a man of many talents that include acting, writing and hosting. He is known for his sharp wit and pranks that also turn against him at times. He made his debut in the film industry with the director Wajahat Rauf’s film ‘Karachi Se Lahore.’ His role was greatly appreciated for Yasir Hussain’s comic timing. Since then, he has acted in multiple dramas and has hosted award shows all over Pakistan. Somehow, his humor at the award shows got him into controversies more often than usual. Yasir Hussain is also an ardent theatre fan and made a comeback in theatre after seven years with Anwar Maqsood’s play ‘Naach Na Jaanay.’

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By Saadia Ahmed
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