Yasir Hussain Claims that the Alleged Engagement Pictures are Old

Yasir Hussain Claims that the Alleged Engagement Pictures are Old

Yasir Hussain proposed Iqra Aziz on Lux Style Awards and the internet went crazy. Recently pictures of their alleged engagement did rounds on the internet. Yasir Hussain dissed the rumors saying the pictures were from February.

Lux Style Awards have not passed long ago. While this year the awards were surrounded by many issues like some celebrities boycotting the awards, one major controversy was Yasir Hussain proposing Iqra Aziz all in surprise. Although the director of the show Fariha Altaf had a clear idea of what Yasir Hussain was up to, Iqra Aziz was completely unaware. Yasir Hussain professed his love for her publicly and told the audience that after winning two awards tonight, this was to be her ‘third award.’ He proposed Iqra Aziz and gave her a beautiful diamond band. Iqra Aziz was completely taken in surprise and did not know how to react. According to one of her interviews on the spot, Iqra Aziz said that she was still shaking.

Social Media was taken aback my their display of affection in public

This public display of affection did not sit well with most of the social media users. The conservative part of Pakistan found it completely against Islamic traditions and norms. According to them, this was a desperate attention seeking technique just to gain more TRP for the show and themselves. Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz, however, chose to continue ignoring the haters like they always did in the past. Yasir Hussain has also been surrounded by many controversies in the past which include his child abuse comments and various other instances on the award shows and social media.

The pictures of their alleged engagement ceremony were old

Just two days ago, there were pictures of the two sitting together in a traditional ceremony which appeared to be an engagement ceremony. While everyone including famous celebrities Aiman and Minal Khan were gushing over Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz getting formally engaged in a traditional ceremony, Yasir Hussain comes up with another revelation. According to Yasir Hussain, the recent pictures have nothing to do with their engagement whatsoever. In fact, these photographs are from February when the couple made it official with their family. According to ‘Lahore Se Aagay’ actor Yasir Hussain, he is in love and happy with his life. He said that he has always lived life on his own terms and would continue doing so. Yasir Hussain clearly stated that people should either be happy for others or find their way. He also mentioned his close friends Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui were present on this occasion. He hinted at some traditional flower bracelet photos which if leaked could make people believe that it was not just engagement but a wedding ceremony. In the pictures posted by Yasir Hussain, the couple can be seen with their dog and the entire family. The ceremony seems to be an intimate affair set in a traditional home setting with close friends and family in attendance.

Now, it’s confusing!

Now here, what is particularly notable is Yasir mentioning Iqra’s state of shock when he proposed her during the Lux Style Awards because according to him she had no inkling of his plan. It is also perplexing because if they were already engaged it shouldn’t have been that moving and shaking for Iqra Aziz on the Lux Style Awards. When celebrities like Aiman and Minal Khan posted about the engagement ceremony of this couple in their Instagram stories, Iqra Aziz also reposted those wishes on her own Instagram. Apart from all these confusions and questions, love is beautiful. Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz are very much in love and their fans can’t wait for their wedding photographs.

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By Saadia Ahmed
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