Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se Movie Review: Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol's Film Gives You a Headache
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Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se Movie Review: Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol's Film Gives You a Headache

Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se Movie Review: It's a failure on all counts says our reviewer

  • Movie Name Yamla Pagla Deewana: Phir Se
  • Director Navaniat Singh
  • Actor Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Dharmendra, Kriti Kharbanda and Rekha
  • Rating
  • Rating 0.5/5 Stars

Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se has achieved that no movie in the past has ever achieved before; making me storm out of the theatre mid-movie. I couldn't. I just couldn't humanly possible wrap my small little brain around the twattery that looped out mercilessly. It felt like my head was put through a paper shredder. Ok I admit that's an exaggeration. Coz that would have been less painful compared to this insipid drama that dares masquerade as a movie.

Sunny Deol plays Puran, a saintly messiah who continues his family's tradition of making Ayurvedic medicines and helps the poor. Why? Because #Sanskar. Hindi film heroes first get their boodi andhi maa ka operation in their twenties and then cure poor kids around in their 40s. (He actuakly treats a small girl with spectacles!) And for foil, Puran has a younger brother called Kala (Bobby-DJ-Deol) who is the lust child of carelessness and cacophony. Because, convenience. It's far easier to pass off as an actor when you scream on the silver screen in Hindi films. Simple!

And Daddy Deol also makes a special appearance as a single 390 year old charmer, Parmar, who loves to drink and just be boisterous. Why? Because, hashtag Punjabi.

Deol Dudes are fighting a case against Marfatia Pharmaceuticals run by Marfatia (Mohan Snakes and Ladders Kapoor) whose staple diet consists of hamburgers, coz nothing else can explain his hamming in the movie.

But before we before we get to the case, let's indulge in some buffoonery.

A couple of fight sequences. I mean so what if we have Mr. Sanskari. His dhai kilo ka haath still deserves some screen space. So wham bam, slap, slam, muscles rippling, men cripling, swag walk in slow mo, rok sako toh rok lo!!

Let's also have a love story. So dance dance, let's romance, bond over liquor, bhangra-gidda with no fikr. Gujarati Girl and Punjabi Munda, Hindi films mein no logic no funda!

And then there is Parmar who is so charming that he has two Apsaras from the heaven around him 24/7.

And if that's not enough there is an ear splitting, deafening Gujarati society who throws anyone out of their colony who is suspicious of consuming non-vegetarian food or alcohol. Because Hashtag Anti-National.

But hey that doesn't mean that YPD is a bad film. It helps you understand every motion and emotion with a defining sound effect. Like someone yells "Dishkyau" for a bullet or "Piyakkad" when someone starts drinking in the film. Becsuse my brain is the size of a peanut that could never comprehend a bullet being shot unless someone screamed Dishkyau. So thanks.

This is a film that attempts solving a case with turmeric, yes, Haldi. Because you see, moms are always right. Hurt yourself? Have Haldi wala doodh!!! Fever? Have Haldi wala doodh!!! Court case? Have Haldi wala doodh!!!!

The film talks about Ayurveda medicines. Only if it gifted a few pills for a severe headache to its viewers.

Usually I say if you like the actor, or a certain kind of comedy/tragedy and sundry, watch the film. Here I urge you, no, you can't, I will come to your place and tie you down to your couch and do everything to prevent you from watching this film.

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