Wrong No 2 Movie Review: Sami Khan and Neelum Muneer's Eid Comedy is a Fun Watch

Wrong No 2 Movie Review: Sami Khan and Neelum Muneer's Eid Comedy is a Fun Watch

Wrong No 2's review is out! Starring Sami Khan and Neelum Muneer, this slapstick comedy is a fun watch
Wrong No 2 Movie Review: Sami Khan and Neelum Muneer's Eid Comedy is a Fun Watch
Wrong No 2 Poster
Movie NameWrong No 2
DirectorYasir Nawaz
ActorSami Khan, Neelum Muneer, Yasir Nawaz

Rating 3.5/5 Stars

Wrong No 2 starring Neelum Muneer and Sami Khan didn't disappoint. It delivered what it promised: a slapstick, mindless watch that you can take your friends and family to take to the cinema for on a special occasion. It doesn't overreach like Chhalawa and it doesn't bore you like a lot of other attempted comedy films have done in the past. So what it does is give you a bunch of easy laughs, lots of self-referential jokes and yeah, eye candy. Basically the formula for any masala film.

Sami Khan stars as Umar, a young middle-classiya man in love with Zoya (Neelum Muneer). Zoya is super feisty and independent and wants Umar to run away or elope with her because her father, Gulnawaz (Javed Sheikh), an aspiring Pashtun politician, does not want Zoya to marry any poor fellow. He wants Zoya to marry 'Happy' (Ahmed Hassan) the son of Chaudhary Saab (Shafqat Cheema). Chaudhary is a rich and successful politician and he would help Gulnawaz's career to flourish.

On the flipside, there's Yasir Nawaz's character who has a young daughter who is suffering from heart disease. His wife is Masooma (Sana Fakhar) who is a trainer at a fitness centre. This family is struggling with financial problems and mistakenly gets trapped into Zoya and Umar's love story.

Neelum Muneer, whose previous film debut Chupan Chupai wasn't as impressive, shines as Zoya in Wrong No. 2. She adds the required glamour and pizzaz to the film. Sami Khan holds up his part of the moony hero well and the dialogues by Ahmed Hassan (who plays Happy) provide the laughs needed. Don't expect much of story coherence but there is enough consistency to keep the story flowing. The supportive cast of Danish Nawaz, Shafqat Cheema and Mehmood Aslam also assist this vehicle in being a fun watch.

Overall, Wrong No 2 works because of the slapstick dialogues that land well. Yasir Nawaz's previous directorial ventures, Mehrunisa V Lub U and Wrong No 1 were also moderate commercial successes however, Yasir's craft has clearly improved and the narrative is much tighter than his previous work. While it follows Chhalawa and Jawaani Phir Nahin Aani franchise's "more punchlines, less plot" strategy it manages to make it work for the most part.