Wow! Sridevi's Painting to be Auctioned in Dubai

Wow! Sridevi's Painting to be Auctioned in Dubai

One of her paintings was of Sonam Kapoor. Check it out!
Wow! Sridevi's Painting to be Auctioned in Dubai


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A Sonam Kapoor painting by Sridevi which was supposed to be auctioned in Dubai has now surfaced online. Sources tell us that the family might be ready to auction the painting in Dubai after the mourning period is over. They also say that there is a Michael Jackson painting by Sridevi which might be auctioned too.

A January report from Mid-Day quoted a source as saying, “Sridevi has been painting for many years. It’s her favourite pastime. In 2010, an international art house approached her to auction her work. But she didn’t agree. Since the event in Dubai is for a noble cause, it drew her. Sonam has a massive fan following in Dubai and her popularity has grown in the Middle East after her Project Runway outing with Elli Saab. The bidders are hoping that the painting will sell at a high price.”

However, though the project is in the backburner as of now, everybody is hopeful that it will be revived to keep the last wishes of the acting legend. Did you know Sridevi loved to paint too? Here’s the Sonam Kapoor painting she made: