Wow! Hrithik Roshan to Make Hollywood Debut?
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Wow! Hrithik Roshan to Make Hollywood Debut?

All about Hrithik Roshan's meeting with The Fast and The Furious director Rob Cohen

With his Greek God looks and international persona Hrithik Roshan is perfect for Hollywood. He had tried to go international with his 2010 release Kites but the failure of the film put those dreams to rest for a while. But now it seems Hrithik may be reviving his Hollywood plans again.

Reports from India say Hrithik and his parents Rakesh and Pinky Roshan were spotted dining with Hollywood filmmaker Rob Cohen, who has made films like The Fast and The Furious and XXX. Apparently Cohen visited Mumbai to cast Hrithik in his next venture and the actor has said agreed to star in it. The report adds that Cohen had a long chat with Hrithik about the action flick which will be shot in India.

The film will also reportedly star a parallel male lead which will be played by a Hollywood actor and Cohen will make another visit to the country, when he is ready with the final script. Incidentally the filmmaker had made earlier trips to Mumbai and met Hrithik but it was this recent visit that sealed the deal.

Hrithik is a fairly well-known name in the West. Some time back it was reported that Twilight star Kristen Stewart had confessed that if ever she had a baby boy, she would want him to look like Hrithik Roshan but with then boyfriend Robert Pattinson's eyes. His last release Krrish 3 had also done very well at the box office in the US. 

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