Wow! Bollywood Introduces #Metoo Compliant Contract. Finally

Wow! Bollywood Introduces #Metoo Compliant Contract. Finally

Looks like stars and filmmakers are taking complaints of sexual harassment seriously at last

In a first, production houses have started to introduce what is now called as a Metoo complaint audition experience for all freshers who are auditioning for a production house.

The contract requires a fresher to describe her experience and confirm whether she was comfortable during the entire auditioning experience. 

One of the first implementers of the #Metoo compliant experience is Ajay Devgan's business partner Kumar Mangat Pathak, who heads Panorama Films. As per the system, after their auditions, aspiring actors can fill out a specially designed feedback form where they can complain about untoward sexual advances during auditions if any.

An actor, who recently auditioned for a film at Pathak's office, told mid-day, "After the audition was over, the associate handed me a form, where I was required to write my name and photo ID details, along with my feedback on the experience I had during the session. It also has a note to assure the producers that I was safe during the audition, and wasn't mistreated or harassed by anyone."

Stressing on the need to create a safe environment at work, Pathak told mid-day, "Firstly, we ensure that the auditions take place in our office premises. We have installed CCTV cameras in the audition rooms. Post this, we hand the aspiring actor a document to take it in writing that his/her experience wasn't an unpleasant one. If someone raises a red flag, we have a redressal committee [a 10-member team with a legal POSH expert on board] that will address the complaint within a fortnight. It has been two months since we implemented this."