Wondering why the Name 'Simmba'? Here is why.
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Wondering why the Name 'Simmba'? Here is why.

From Singham to Simmba, what do these titles signify?

Firstly, it is safe to say that the testosterone pumping trailer screams that it’s a Rohit Shetty directorial the entire way.

On another note, from the trailer’s first couple of seconds, you are instantly confused and checking if you’ve clicked on the trailer for Simmba or for Singham. From those few seconds, it can be easily understood that Simmba is going to derive from the Singham saga and the two movies will be sharing the same universe. The movie directed by Rohit Shetty and produced by Iroo Johar, Rohit Shetty, Apoorva Mehta & Karan Johar, stars Ranveer Singh, Sonu Sood, Ashutosh Rana and Sara Ali Khan in the lead. The trailer for the Ranveer Singh starrer Simmba released yesterday on December 3, 2018, and the cast, as well as the makers, spilt the beans on quite a few significant details about the upcoming action/comedy movie at the entertaining conference held at the trailer launch of the movie.

Now to discuss why the name Simmba? Interestingly, Rohit Shetty had revealed at the trailer launch that the name Singham means Lion, thus the cub would be called Simba – From The Lion King - because it signifies the movie being a product of Singham.

However, unlike the earlier instalments where the cop is shown as the righteous and honest the movie Simmba will not be projecting the main protagonist in good light  as he will be shown as more of a corrupt and arrogant officer. Moreover, the audience is in for a pleasant surprise with Ajay Devgan appearing in a cameo in Simmba. Furthermore, Simmba is a remake of the 2015 Telugu super hit movie, Temper. The Rohit Shetty directorial is all set to release on 28 December 2018.

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