Women’s Day 2020: ‘I Was Called a Loser’: M.A.C Global Makeup Artiste Vimi Joshi’s Inspiring Story
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Women’s Day 2020: ‘I Was Called a Loser’: M.A.C Global Makeup Artiste Vimi Joshi’s Inspiring Story

Women’s Day 2020: Watch the incredible and inspiring story of Vimi Joshi’s fight against prejudice and her struggle to make a mark in the tough world of beauty

She has worked with some of the most beautiful and successful people in the world. Richard Gere, Salma Hayek, Sonam Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan… you name it and she’s worked with them all. But Vimi Joshi, MAC Senior Global Makeup Artiste, had to struggle and fight a lot of prejudices, biases and hurtful attitude – some of it from her own family – before she made a huge mark for herself in the world of makeup and beauty.

Born in Uganda, Africa, Vimi’s family was thrown out by the regime of Idi Amin. The Joshis then settled in London. However, growing up in 70s London in a conservative Indian family wasn’t easy. Vimi’s family was more academically oriented while she had a more creative bent of mind. Moreover, she never felt valued as a child and the shocking reason for discrimination was her colour – Vimi was considerably darker than her sibling and this resulted in a lot of taunts by her own family who probably didn’t realise the impact it had on her young mind.

Things changed as she grew up and decided to follow her heart. Thanks to the influence of two of her friends who were associated with the UK pop scene of the early 90s, Vimi got her first break in the field of makeup. It has been a steady rise ever since. Breaking into the global fashion and beauty industry was by no means easy but Vimi worked hard, really hard.

Now, she is a globe-trotter, travelling across continents for working with models, movie stars and celebrities. She is a regular at the Fashion Weeks around the world and is the first choice for Bollywood celebrities when it comes to makeup. The lessons she has learnt: have a passion and never give up.

Watch her inspiring story as she narrates it in her own words:

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