WOAH! Sofia Hayat is a Nun Now

Remember the ex-Bigg Boss Contestant?
WOAH! Sofia Hayat is a Nun Now
Sofia Hayat

Sofia Hayat was in the news a couple of years back as a contestant on Bigg Boss and for her fights with Armaan Kohli. She was also allegedly dating cricketer Rohit Sharma at one point of time. Apparently the former model and actress has had a change of heart and has now become a nun and goes by the name Mother Sofia.

She captioned one of her pics saying, “When you know that the world is an illusion for us to learn something, but has been infiltrates by reptilian programming, you can start to let go of the ego..and the ego is everything that you think you are..clothes. .makeup..job..personality..religion..your family..when you let go of all of this..then all that is left is love and freedom..and that is what you are. Namaste. Gaia Mother Sofia.” What a dramatic transformation indeed!

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