Winter Trends You Can Sport This Year: Get A Head Start!

Winter Trends You Can Sport This Year: Get A Head Start!

Winter trends discussion are a bit early since it’s summer, but you might want to get a head start on your winter wardrobe
Winter Trends You Can Sport This Year: Get A Head Start!

While the weather may currently be scorching hot, the fashion world is - as always – a few steps ahead. Here is a look at everything you need to know about upcoming winter trends and how you can gear up for them!

Every Superwoman Needs a Cape
One of the strongest outerwear silhouettes created for Fall 2019 collections was the cape. It is
strong, empowering and looks oh-so chic while keeping you warm and cozy during those freezing winter nights and days. A cape can be worn effortlessly with an all-black or all-white ensemble underneath. Use the cape to add that pop of colour!

Polo neck!
Every woman should own several polos in her life. If you have a gorgeous floaty dress that is rarely good for anything other than holidays, throw it over a polo neck, et voilà. In the same way, tuck your polo neck into high-waisted jeans and you have a sophisticated and classy weekend or evening outfit.

Faux Fur
What could be more comfortable, cozy and stylish for winter style than a soft and fluffy faux fur coat? Whether you’ve always wanted a sophisticated faux fur coat that looks just like the real deal, or you gravitate more to fun fur fashion jackets designed in bold colours and prints, styling them is easy. You can simple throw your faux fur coat over a pair of jeans and a warm sweater, or a mid-length dress with boots.

Ankle Length Coat
If your goal is to stay warm from head to literal toe this winter, ankle-length coats are your go-to item. We’ve seen well-dressed fashionistas and celebrities from Deepika Padukone to Sonam Kapoor wearing coats that practically skim the ground, and aside from presumably keeping them toasty, it’s also a killer good look.

Bobble Hats
Bobble hats can add that extra winter cuteness to your outfit. They ensure your head and ears are super warm and toasty while making sure you look super stylish and chic whilst keeping it effortless and casual. So whether your style is classy-chic or more casual-tomboy you can use a bobble hat to jazz up any outfit!

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