Parent Trap: Winter Is Coming. Yay.

Parent Trap: Winter Is Coming. Yay.

Masala!'s Digital Editor Mahwash Ajaz lists the pain and pleasure of being a mom in Dubai.

I know that everyone dreaded the winters in the Game of Thrones and the Night Walkers were formidable opponents for the brave King in the North but here in the Middle East, the winter is a welcome season. Whether it’s Global Village or City Walk or just a stroll in the park, the winters are what make Dubai a haven for mums and kids.

Don’t get me wrong. Children are adorable around the year. Okay, sometime during the year. Okay definitely not in the summers. Because in Dubai summers, all they do is sit inside the air-conditioned rooms and drive you crazy. And if you have happened to take a break from work, your buzzed up kids will make you want to go back to work! That’s how tough the summer ‘break’ is.

But the schools have restarted (partially thankful for this, partially groaning over the school traffic) and the kids are in routine. The blazing summer has cooled down and the wind is breezier, the evenings have that slight chill to them. Now, instead of being cooped up in the lounges and their rooms, kids can run around in the open play areas and drive others crazy with their whooping.

Winters in Dubai have a lot to offer and it’s honestly the busiest season for mums around. And if you ask any mum, they’ll be more than happy to tell you that thanks to the dropping temperatures outside in Dubai, the rising temperatures in the house have gotten better too! I’ve got a nine year old and a five year old – both of them are darlings but can be total monsters and that’s why winters are my best friends. They allow me some ‘me-time’ and allow the kids to breathe in the outside air!

The shopping isn’t bad either (when it’s not funny). You have your big fur coats and your snow shoes displayed in the windows which make often make me think of all the shoppers from all around the world who may have some use for them instead of us Dubai residents who would be sporting shorts and flip-flops at Jumeirah Beach even on the 31st of December.

I’ve grown up in a city by the sea (Karachi) so I am unabashedly happy with tepid winters. Coastal cities like Karachi, Dubai and even Mumbai have pleasant winters with chilly evenings. So Dubai is often reminiscent of home. Then again. Dubai is home.

Perhaps the best part here is the ton of tourists that fly down from all around the world in the winter. Whether it’s to look at the dancing fountain at the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Miracle Gardens, there are plenty of outings you can plan with the family and the kids so that they can get plenty exhausted by the end of the day. And if it were up to me, I’d give a 3 month long winter break to kids instead of the dreaded summer one (English academia rules should be changed, I tell you!) just so they could enjoy all the beautiful sights and sounds in Dubai, a phalanx of friends and family descending on our house during winter break and the deliciously Goldilocks-perfect air (not too warm, not too cool, just right!) in the upcoming months.
Here’s to winter. May your children live it up!

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