Will Vinod Chopra Drop Alleged Abuser Zain Mallik Durrani from His Film?
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Will Vinod Chopra Drop Alleged Abuser Zain Mallik Durrani from His Film?

Zain Durrani had been accused an actress of abuse. The actress had also made allegations against Vikas Bahl and Sajid Khan

Vidhu Vinod Chopra is shooting a Kashmir-based drama entitled Shikara. The film’s vast cast includes the young actor Zain Khan Durrani who made his debut in Onir’s Kuch Bheege Alfaz.

Durrani has been outed by actress Saloni Chopra for violence and abuse during the #metoo campaign. Durrani was among the three men (the other two, being Sajid Khan and Vikas Bahl) who Saloni had accused of sexual harassment and misbehaviour.

But while most actors and filmmakers have been dropped from their respective projects after accusations, Onir wants to know why Vinod Chopra has not yet acted swiftly and sacked Durrani. Says the I am a director,  “From a conservative upbringing in Kashmir he was suddenly thrown into the socially active drinking and womanizing life in Bollywood. I don’t think Zain Khan Durrani could handle it. I met the first girl whom Zain is supposed to have accused. Now there’s a second. Apparently, there are several women he has violated. He becomes a different person after 11 pm. If I had known about his history of violence I’d have never mentored him or introduced him to the screen. Aren’t other filmmakers aware of these allegations about Zain?”

With the #metoo heat not abating any time soon, it remains to be seen if Zain retains his Vidhu Vinod Chopra film that would definitely be his big-ticket venture in Bollywood.

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