Will Rimi Sen Finally Be Out of Bigg Boss 9?
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Will Rimi Sen Finally Be Out of Bigg Boss 9?

The actress has allegedly been a sore disappointment in the show!

Many of you might heave a sigh of relief after you hear this bit of news!  Having survived for over seven weeks, Rimi Sen may finally leave Bigg Boss 9, as per reports in Bollywood Life. A source revealed in the article that the elimination episode has already been shot, where host Salman Khan will officially ask Rimi to leave the show, on the basis of least votes!

Rimi Sen became famous for her rants against the Bigg Boss show ever since she entered the house. She wasn’t even interested in performing any tasks, which is why Salman too had bashed her in last week’s episode stating how she is looking like a fool to the audience outside. But Rimi truly appeared like she couldn’t care less! Don’t know if this is scripted, but we’re surprised that she managed to stay in the house this far without actually participating actively!

Yesterday’s episode saw Salman giving Rimi a piece of his mind for not leaving the show, despite Bigg Boss offering her an opportunity earlier. We’re amazed at how unfazed Rimi is, all the while maintaining a straight face like she cares! The Dhoom actress showed promise initially with her famous rant, but subsequently she got became less and less engaged.

So, stay tuned to witness Bhai giving Rimi the boot tonight!

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