Will Pawan Kalyan be third time lucky?

Will Pawan Kalyan be third time lucky?

Pawan Kalyan allegedly marries for the third time

IT WAS THE BIGGEST Tollywood wedding that no one attended. Superstar Pawan Kalyan secretly married his Russian (or is it Australian?) girlfriend Anna Lezhneva (she was also called Danah Marks in some reports) sending shockwaves among his fans.

Now, secret weddings are hardly new for Tollywood couples. Here, lovers remain ‘good friends’ until one fine day, they decide to spring a surprise on us and announce their marriage. But even by the industry’s notorious standards, Pawan’s secret wedding is a shocker.

Reports say Pawan and Anna had a registered wedding in September after they filed a petition at the end of August and they were issued a marriage certificate. Apparently, the actor even had three witnesses, all of who were his former managers. So certainly there was no band, baaja or baarat at this starry wedding!
But now comes the juicy twist in the tale! A few days ago, his fans in social media claimed that the certificate is false and it does not bear a valid seal. They even rejected the entire story of his marriage about which a lot of questions are being raised. First and foremost, how did the news come out only now – nearly four months after the wedding? Secondly, who was behind the leak? Some conspiracy theorists say Pawan’s detractors are responsible while others claim it could be the work of his brother Chiranjeevi’s political opponents. Some time back a selfie of Pawan and Anna posted on a social networking site caused a lot of buzz but surprisingly it was removed after a while.

Interestingly, not much is known about his alleged new bride. The marriage registrar confirmed in a report that Anna is an Australian citizen though social media messages suggest she is Russian. She was allegedly a junior artiste in the film Teenmaar where she is said to have met Pawan. Speculations are rife that she has a child with the actor and that the two of them have been involved for at least two years!

Of course, Pawan’s love life has always been colourful. He was married twice before. His first wife was a lady named Nandini who he divorced after two years of marriage in 1997. He then married model and co-star Renu Desai though even that ended in the courts in 2009.
Let’s hope he is third time lucky. But first he has to clear the facts about his relationship. Just what’s happening Pawan? Indeed, there is enough masala in this tale to make an action-packed romantic drama!

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