Will Kangana Ranaut Tie The Knot in 2018?

Will Kangana Ranaut Tie The Knot in 2018?

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Will Kangana Ranaut Tie The Knot in 2018?

Kangna Ranaut

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Kangana Ranaut is known for speaking her mind, and when it comes to personal details about her life, she doesn’t hold back either! On a recent show, the actress was questioned about her plans for marriage and her answer was one that was both expected and understood. Queen K was part of Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty’s recent show, that created huge buzz since Kangana and KJo would be sharing the stage for the first time post their mega fall out.

According to sources on the set, the aactress didn’t hold back answering any questions, personal or professional. When she was asked about her plans for marriage, the actress candidly replied, “I don’t know why our society wants women to marry by the age of 30. It is very unfortunate. I am not getting married anytime soon and I am not even 30.”

The actress was also then asked her thoughts on love, to which she recited a poem saying, “Mere ishq ke kisse toh saare newspapers mein likhe gaye hain. Ishq ki aankhon mein khuda dekha hai humne, na woh roshni thi na andhera, na jaane kaunsa manzar dekha hai humne.” This also happens to be a line from a poem she penned down when she was once in love.

So, we guess no wedding bells for Ms. Ranaut in 2018 then!