Will Camilla Become the Queen Consort When Princes Charles is Crowned King?

Will Camilla Become the Queen Consort When Princes Charles is Crowned King?

Although Prince Charles is called the Prince of Wales, his wife Camilla is called the Duchess of Cornwall. Once he becomes the King, she will still not be called the Queen Consort.
Will Camilla Become the Queen Consort When Princes Charles is Crowned King?
Prince Charles and Camilla

Camilla and Prince Charles got married in 2005. It was not a normal wedding due to the news surrounding the couple in the past. Prince Charles and Camilla were in love even when he got married to Princess Diana. Unlike rest of the royal wives who choose to turn a blind eye towards their husband’s alleged affairs or linkups, Diana did not stay silent over her husband’s ‘friendship’ with Camilla. She was vocal about it and finally, the marriage culminated in a bitter divorce. Since the people greatly loved Princess Diana, they did not like Camilla and she was once termed to be ‘the most hated person in England.’

Despite getting divorced Prince Charles did not marry the love of his life, Camilla. The couple got married after years of Princess Diana’s tragic death in Paris. However, since their marriage, the public opinion about Camilla has changed. People have started liking her due to a lot of her charity causes and the way she has kept Prince Charles happy. The couple seems to be much relaxed and joyous in each other’s company as compared to their previous marriages. They are considered inseparable and a perfect match for each other.

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Prince Charles who is the longest-serving heir to the throne has the title of Prince of Wales (that is why Diana was called Princess of Wales). Technically Camilla is Princess of Wales since marrying Prince Charles but her public title is different. Instead, she chose to be called the Duchess of Cornwall (in relation to the additional title of Prince Charles). When Prince Charles becomes the king Camilla will be technically the Queen Consort but this might not happen. Due to her public image, she might be called the Princess Consort instead of the Queen Consort. Her role will remain the same which she is doing now that is to support her husband Charles and continue royal engagements to help major charities and institutions.

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