Will Aamir Khan DIRECT The Gulshan Kumar Bio-pic?

Aamir Khan had walked out of the project after director Subhash Kapoor’s name had cropped up in the Metoo allegations
Will Aamir Khan DIRECT The Gulshan Kumar Bio-pic?
Aamir Khan and Gulshan Kumar

Now that the MeToo accused director  Subhash Kapoor has been ousted from the biopic on music mogul Gulshan  Kumar, Aamir Khan has decided to slip back into the project.

To go back a  bit, Aamir had agreed to collaborate with Gulshan Kumar’ son  Bhushan Kumar on a  biopic on Gulshan after the first choice Akshay  Kumar backed out, apparently due to creative differences.

However, Aamir had not agreed to star in the  Gulshan Kumar biopic, only co-produce it. But now, reliable sources say that  Aamir has agreed to play the titular role in the biopic to be titled, Mogul. According to a source, Aamir has consented to lend his support to the project after the original director Subhash Kapoor was asked to leave at the Thugs of Hindostan actor’s behest as he did not wish to work with a tainted director.

However, ‘taint’ was nothing new. Cynics pointed out that the allegation against Subhash Kapoor was two years old and very much in the public domain when Aamir hopped on. Be as it may, Aamir is back on board and is likely to play the eponymous role….and do more. Says a source, “Bhushan  Kumar has almost convinced Aamir to play the lead. Bhushan also wants Aamir to direct Mogul. Right now Aamir is reluctant to do so. But Bhushan can be extremely persuasive.”

If Aamir agrees to not only play the lead but also direct the Gulshan Kumar bio-pic the project is bound to become much bigger than planned. Let’s wait and watch.