Why You Should Be Wearing More Beige

Why You Should Be Wearing More Beige

Swati Jain lists the advantages of this evergreen classic colour that is making a comeback

In recent years, all prominent fashion colour trends that have emerged, including millennial pink and a bubbling yellow, were bright, bold and unashamedly loud. But it’s a whole nude world and beige is making a comeback in the rounds of all summer collections. Maybe it’s a subconscious version of #nofilter and a plea to return to simplicity.

Beige works as a building block in any wardrobe – whether you are a neutral novice or seasoned in mastering the fifty shades of sand. Embracing it as the colour of the season, we researched on incorporating beige to the many occasion wardrobes of the day. Whether it’s for work-wear or a wedding, here’s what is inspiring us.

Indian Wear in Beige

It’s always interesting to see how versatile traditional wear is becoming when it comes to contemporary trends. While your mum will argue that khadi has been around a long time – Indian designers are adding their touch of beige to that isn’t just khadi. A very cool prêt couture brand, Paulmi and Harsh has some interesting pieces – pairing the colour with a touch of botanical hues.

Workwear in Beige

We spend a lot of time at work so make beige your fashion trial at office, especially when there are no meetings on the agenda. The best way out is to try out something different to test if it will work and see the reactions/opinions you get. And while Zara and Mango are most professionals’ go-tos for workwear, we looked at how international fashion influencers and celebrities were wearing the trend without blending in the background. Beige, you would agree, makes the best option for workwear. From beige tops to beige pants – this muted shade is all kinds of chic.

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