Why You Must Watch Rajkummar Rao’s ‘Trapped’

Why You Must Watch Rajkummar Rao’s ‘Trapped’

The actor proves that he is one of the best in Bollywood with this performance
Why You Must Watch Rajkummar Rao’s ‘Trapped’

In a crowded city like Mumbai, with population of millions, visualise being stuck in a 4*4 apartment with no one around to hear your cry for help. Difficult to imagine? Don’t worry, Rajkummar Rao enacts every bit of it perfectly enough for you to experience the struggle for survival in a claustrophobic atmosphere.

The actor has done it again with his performance in the captivating survival drama Trapped that released in the UAE this week (Thursday March 16)! Having heard of the film receiving a standing ovation at the Mumbai Film festival and given the actor’s amazing acts in films like Shahid and City Lights, I couldn’t wait to find out what his most recent flick had in store for discerning cinema lovers.

To say the least, there is no question Trapped will leave you with a lump, the size of a golf ball in your throat. Directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, the film tells the story of a simple working class boy, Shaurya, struggling through life with much to complain about. His survival journey from being trapped in a high rise apartment with absolutely no connection to the rest of the world, forms the crux of the tale. The script wastes no time in setting the scene up where Shaurya finds himself confined in an apartment with no food and water and very less aid to survive with. His struggle forms the main plot of the film and involves him grabbing on to any and everything he can translate to a means of getting out. The writer tells the story with a generous dollop of gory detailing leaving you cringing and gasping though various parts of the film.

Shaurya creates a palpable sense of fear in the scenes where he blankly stares into the WC when he’s parched and when he resorts to becoming a non-vegetarian as he sees a crow sit on his window sill. His failed attempts of attracting help from passers-by and the watchman forces you into a sense of restlessness which only comes to an end when he finally does escape. The film ends on a chilling note with a scene where he returns to the building after his escape, to re-visit the apartment and all you hear in your head screaming at that point is ‘run Shaurya, run!’  In every frame, Rajkummar single-handedly carries the film off and manages to keep the viewer constantly engaged.

The strong sense of atmospherics is definitely one to talk about as it adds to a very important part of the feeling of captivity. The film could have been edited to a crisper plot, however, Rajkummar’s power-packed performance and the thrill of his escape makes every second of the 105 minutes worth it. The director keeps the last part mostly silent as the actor recuperates from his ordeal and realises he’s back to the real world, where things weren’t as he’d left them. 

As I exited the cinema, I found myself in a funk as I rushed to get a gulp of water and appreciated the true meaning of the word FREEDOM. Except to be nothing less than in awe of Rajkummar Rao’s performance. This one’s a definite must-watch if you love films that are a notch above the ordinary.

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