‘Why Would I Want to Hurt Her?’: Ex Boyfriend Clears the Air About Akshara Haasan’s Leaked Private Pics
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‘Why Would I Want to Hurt Her?’: Ex Boyfriend Clears the Air About Akshara Haasan’s Leaked Private Pics

Kamal Haasan’s daughter Akshara’s private pictures were leaked recently causing her much embarrassment

Reports last week hinting that the leaked private pictures of Kamal Haasan and ex-wife Sarika’s daughter  Akshara Haasan could have a link to her ex-boyfriend actor Tanuj Virwani (son of veteran actress Rati Agnihotri) have not perturbed Tanuj at all.

Shooting non-stop for the second season of the Amazon series Inside Edge, Tanuj took time off to clarify,  “Throughout the time that Akshara and I were in a relationship we never spoke about it. I am not the kind of person who uses his personal relationships for personal gains. You asked me about Akshara when I was dating her and  I always said we were good friends. I am sorry I didn’t talk about the relationship then. It’s unfortunate I’ve to  talk about it now.”

Reports about the leakage of Akshara’s private pictures on the phone which only Tanuj had access to have upset  Tanuj. “This is not a good thing to happen to any woman or girl. I  am very upset that this has happened to Akshara. I  was protective of her when we were seeing one another. I continue to be  protective  of her now even after our breakup some  years ago which by the way was most cordial and amicable.”

To his credit, Tanuj doesn’t deny having Akshara’s photos on his phone. “When you are in relationship you exchange intimate things. At that time (when in a relationship) you never think the closeness would end. So yes,  I did have intimate pictures of Akshara on my phone, and I am sure she had mine on hers. But let me tell you I am so apprehensive of technological theft into private spaces that I deleted every picture the minute it came to me. So there is no question of the pictures coming from my phone. I was very sure of not keeping any picture on my phone. So they couldn’t be stolen from my phone.”

Tanuj sees this ugly insinuated allegation as a sign of the times. “We are living through very dangerous times. We need to be very careful of our conduct in public spaces. And I am. An individual ’s reputation is built over many years. It is destroyed in seconds. Nowadays  anyone can  say anything about anyone on the social  media.”

Tanuj is extremely confident about proving his innocence. “Akshara asked me if I had given my phone for repairs. I believe that she believes in my innocence, And as long as she doesn’t hold me responsible for the leaked pictures I am fine. Because the truth is on my side. I am willing to co-operate with the law in every way possible. I  haven’t received any call from the cops yet. When I do I am ready to answer any question. Because I’ve nothing to  hide.”

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