Why Were These TV Actors Carrying Guns?
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Why Were These TV Actors Carrying Guns?

Read the story first and then decide

TV actors Tarun Khanna and Vivana Singh were recently detained at the Mumbai airport for carrying weapons only to be released after a thorough questioning. The two were on their way to Lucknow to shoot for their upcoming series Police Factory, in which both the actors play cops. Here is the catch: the revolvers seized from them were fake ones. ''We were thoroughly checked and stripped to find out if we were carrying any concealed weapons. We tried telling them that we are actors but they continued to check. It was an embarrassing situation but we need to understand the security discipline. In fact, Vivana's father is a cop, but today we had to undergo whatever they asked for. Finally, they let us go finding out that those were just plastic revolvers,'' Tarun told a television news website.

What a tragicomedy!

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