Why Vidya Balan Isn't Doing Many Films These Days
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Why Vidya Balan Isn't Doing Many Films These Days

Vidya Balan talks family, films and more. She reveals how she felt during filming 'Tumhari Sulu'

Vidya Balan is a talented actress everyone wants back onscreen. She did many films a while ago but of late, she has disappeared from the screen altogether. In an interview with Rajeev Masand, Vidya revealed how and why she doesn't do a lot of films these days. 

She also talked about her glamorous birthday bash where she had a whole theme going. Her husband Siddharth Roy Kapoor had a period-themed party.

"I was born in 1979," said Vidya, "Siddharth said let’s open it (the theme of the party) up and make it the 70s. It was just so much fun. He had posters of film where he replaced the posters of the actors faces with my face! We had a scooter outside like Rajesh Khanna and Bachchan films."

Speaking more about her age, the Kahaani actress revealed, "I really believe that we regress. I really feel that I’ve dropped a few years every year. I’ve been feeling better and better for the past five years."

She talked about her struggle initially when she was trying to make it big in Bollywood. "I wasn’t interested in getting boyfriends or a proper relationship," said the Begum Jaan star. "My only focus was how do I have a relationship with the cinema. And that’s when you’re not having a lot of fun. You’re all about the work."

"I had my debut at 26," said the Kismat Konnection leading lady. "Now I feel like there’s nothing to prove to the world. I’m just doing what I love doing. I’m just taking it easy."

Upon Rajeev asking why she wouldn't do more cinema even when the audiences want her to return, Vidya answered, "When I feel passionately about something, nothing can stop me. In 2016-2017 I did three films back to back. After that I felt sapped. I can’t just keep running. Running towards what? I have to be able to be able to enjoy to the moment. I’m not in a rush to reach anywhere. I traveled. Chilled a lot. Been at home. Been with family. When you don’t have the pressure, you enjoy being in the moment."

Vidya talked about Tumhari Sulu, a slice-of-life film where Vidya played a young housewife who turns into an RJ. "I enjoyed every moment of Sulu," she said. "I want to be able to do that. If I do one film in a year, I’m more than happy."

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