Why the White Shoe Trend Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Why the White Shoe Trend Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Check out why the white shoe trend is here to stay and why you should hop on it if you haven't yet!

Summer 2019 is here and white shoes are still very much the trend. They have been in vogue since the past few years and seem to be only getting more and more popular with time. You can see them almost everywhere: in the Instagram feeds of celebrities, influencers and bloggers; in fashion magazines, on runaways and in the streets. Some have become status symbols as people make assumptions about your personality and background based on the type of white shoes you have.

It all started when white sneakers were reintroduced a few years ago and quickly moved beyond the athletic space. Nearly every fashion brand then presented their version of the white kicks for both men and women.

This was the result of a revival of fashion trends from the 80s and 90s, and because people were wearing more colours in apparels. The white sneakers met the growing demand for a clean footwear look as people paired them with bright dresses and handbags rather than restricting them to denims and athletic wear.

This trend has evolved further and now white shoes are available in many varieties as mules, pumps, boots, etc. They are easy-to-wear, available for all budgets, elegant, make a style statement and go with all outfits. They complement the different looks that you want to attain, such as a fresh, street style or chic look, so they are not considered casual wear only. But they can make even ordinary outfits look special! Due to their versatility, you can wear them at office meetings, while hanging out with friends or family, while travelling and exploring new places on foot, and just about anywhere else. Your wardrobe is now definitely incomplete without them!

If you really want to amp up your style game with a pair of white shoes, it's totally simple to match your outfit as white goes with everything! You can pair your kicks with either super bright or super dark outfits or even go the extra mile and go monochrome with a full white look.

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