Why The End of RK Studios Reflects a Failure of Bollywood
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Why The End of RK Studios Reflects a Failure of Bollywood

The illustrious R K Studios will be sold off confirmed Rishi Kapoor in an interview recently

It is not for  us to question why. But the fall of  R K Studios is  a collective failure of the Indian film industry to preserve one of  its most treasured icon’s dreams.

Just think. If the Showman, as he was universally called long before Subhash Ghai slammed into the sham, were alive today would he have allowed  his most precious Taj Mahal that he built brick by brick, to be  sold off to real-estate sharks who will in no time raze down Raj Saab’s dream and  replace it with a hideous skyscraper? A monstrosity that would never touch the sky the way Raj Saab’s dreams did?

There is something to be said about a  true dreamer  like Raj Kapoor which his sons, with due respects to them and their super-talented children , never were. In  the 30 years that Raj Saab  has not been with us, his elder son Randhir Kapoor directed one film Henna, and that  too by default. His younger son Rishi Kapoor too directed just one film for the RK banner, Aa Ab Laut Chalen. The  only Raj Kapoorian touch in  Aa Ab Laut Chalen was the title, taken as it was from a classic song of  Raj Saab’s Jis Desh Mein Gangta Behti Hai.

There is  a wave of anguish and regret at the announcement that R K Studios will be sold. A  young filmmaker, a diehard Bhakt  of   Raj Kapoor, says  the demolition of  the RK dream is not a sign of resignation and majboori, as  declared by Rishi Kapoor, but a sign of laziness. “Raj Saab’s two sons should’ve joined hands after his death to ensure R K Studios  flourished. And it would’ve been easy. They could’ve got any director, any actor  any technician to come and work for a  RK Film. Damn, saying the  name of the banner aloud is like a  prayer. I am sorry to say this. But they’ve squandered away the Great Man’s dream,” says the filmmaker.

The legendary Lata Mangeshkar who spent many afternoons  watching those Raj Kapoor classic films come to flickering life, says  it is truly a sad day to hear  of  the end   R K Studios. “I have many fond memories of R K Studios. It was a fountain of creativity. There, some of  the greatest  movies and songs  of Indian cinema were created. Raj Saab was so filled with passion. I’ve never seen any filmmaker who gave so much  of himself to every film he  made. I was not part of his first film Aag in 1948. But from Barsaat  in 1949  I was an integral  part of his films right until Henna.”

Lataji reveals that Raj  Kapoor was to direct Henna. “Everything, the story screenplay lyrics and songs were decided by Raj Saab. Then he passed away . And that’s when his son Randhir stepped in to fulfil his father’s unfinished dream…R K studios ka jaana,  dil ke armaanon ka  mit jana.

Lataji  quotes a line from an immortal song from a Raj Kapor starrer Anari. The legacy, luckily,  cannot be wiped away. R K Studios may  go. RK’s dream lives  on  forever.

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