Why King became Kinng!

Why King became Kinng!

Filmmaker Vipul Shah lets it be known...

Talking about the title of his forthcoming film "Singh is Kinng", Akshay Kumar has revealed that he saw the phrase 'Sing Is King' at the back of a truck, which is where he got his inspiration for the film's title.

"It went brilliantly with the theme of our film," he said.

But how did the 'King' become 'Kinng'?

Says filmmaker Vipul Shah" "As a Producer I have my film's interest to take care of. We need success at any cost. My view has always been that whatever can be done to better the vibes of the film or add to the 'luck' factor should be done. So very simply, the extra N is only to bring it numerologically to an auspicious number."

Commenting on Bollywood's belief in numerology, he adds, "As Indians, don't we do this all the time? Whether it's while buying a car, striking a deal or Grihapravesh, we always look for auspicious dates or lucky charms, don't we? So as a producer I'm looking for auspicious signs for my film!"