Disha Salian's close friend rubbishes claims that her death was a murder

Disha Salian's close friend rubbishes claims that her death was a murder

Sushant Singh Rajput's former manager died 6 days before the actor

Disha Salian was Sushant’s Singh Rajput’s secretary, and she died on June 8th, six days before Sushant Singh Rajput. Salian allegedly committed suicide, however, numerous reports have suggested that her death was a murder. Salian’s death has been registered as accidental.

In a press conference in August, the BJP leader, Narayan Rane shocked the public by claiming that Disha Salian was raped and murdered. Speaking at the press conference he detailed that Disha’s autopsy report revealed she had injuries and marks that confirm that she was raped before her death.

“There is some sort of corruption in which the state government is involved in,” he said, before claiming that the Maharashtra government hid this information in order to protect offenders and disguise the case.

Kangana Ranaut, who has been one of Bollywood’s most outspoken figures since the death of Sushant took to Twitter to say, “Disha Salian was RAPED and murdered. Disha and Sushant deaths are linked. Sushant knew what happened with Disha at party and how she was killed. He was about to do press conference. Both were murdered.”.

However, Salian's parents say that the stories claiming that Disha was raped and murdered are false. They have seen the postmortem report.

Speaking Rane's statement, Vasanti Salian said, "All this is false. Statements in this case are taken twice. Malvani police (where Disha Salian case is being investigated) has all documents on record. We have seen post mortem report. Mumbai police are doing their job properly and therefore we trust Mumbai police. We were quiet earlier but all these in media defaming our daughter we just can't take it anymore. Therefore I request people to understand what is the truth."

On August 5, Disha's post-mortem report were revealed. It stated that while she suffered multiple injuries due to "falling from a height", there was no proof of "injuries in her private parts".

A message shared by Disha's close friend with India Today shares the truth of what happened that night and rubbishes the claims of Rane.

The message reads:

"Her fiancee Rohan, Himanshu from college and two of her childhood best friends Neel & Deep along with Neel’s new girlfriend were there.

This is Rohan and Disha’s house that Rohan bought because they were going to get married and move in.

She was having fam issues and usual fights with Rohan but nothing way too major with him.

4 days ago she moved to Malad to this house.

Yesterday everyone came over and they got drinking.

She had a lot to drink and started crying saying things like “nobody cares about each other anymore” and stuff.

Friends say she would get emo after drinking often.

She called my friend Jeevita at 8 pm and spoke casually about post lockdown plans.

At midnight, she video called with her friend in the UK and said the same things.

Then she was crying and Himanshu was like kya party pooper ban rahi hai types.

Next thing you know, she’s gone to the room, locked the door and turned the tap on.

They presumed she’s throwing up.

Then they kept calling out to her and no response so they broke in and she wasn’t there.

Himanshu and Deep looked down and saw what happened and ran. By the watchman already called the cops.

Her heart was still beating but the body was dismantled (14th floor) and they picked her up and put her in Deep’s car and went to 3 hospitals all refused to take.

4th hospital allowed and declared dead.

Now Covid tests are on - if negative, after a post-mortem they’ll give the body to the family.

Meanwhile, all 4 boys are under custody but at home with cops.

Rohan is getting badgered.

Disha’s family is livid because they knew of their fights and stuff.

And everyone is in disbelief because nobody would imagine she would."

Sushant Singh Rajput, aged 34 was found dead in his Mumbai apartment on June 14th. His family claimed his death was not a suicide..

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