Why Farhan Akhtar Feels Guilty About Sajid Khan
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Why Farhan Akhtar Feels Guilty About Sajid Khan

Farhan Akhtar revealed that he had no clue about Sajid Khan’s behaviour with actresses

Director Farhan Akhtar recently remarked that he feels guilty that he didn't know about the women who went through trauma because of his cousin brother Sajid Khan’s behaviour. Sajid had been outed by several women during the #metoo movement where they accused him of harassment. 

Farhan Akhtar also said that he wants to work with his brother to make sure that he can make the life of the affected women better. He made those comments while speaking at a session during a session at We The Women initiative.

“Every time something like this has happened in the public domain, I have been very vocal with my opinion. When it came to someone within my family, I felt silence on that front would be very, very hypocritical. So pretty much on the first day when three women came out and spoke, I felt it was important for me to speak out,” Farhan said, adding: “Sajid being my brother, I need to now work with him, try to figure out how he can see this through and how it is that he can make the women, who have been affected by his actions, somehow feel better.”

Farhan again stressed at the event that he had no clue about Sajid's behaviour towards women. “The truth is I didn’t. If I did know, I would’ve spoken about it way before the story was broken. There was this certain guilt about that, how could this be going on and I had no idea. So there were conflicted emotions,” he said.

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