Why Varun Dhawan Lost His Cool With Fans
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Why Varun Dhawan Lost His Cool With Fans

The actor apparently lost it!

Bollywood actor and Dishoom star Varun Dhawan is the quintessential Mr. Nice Guy most of the time. He normally accomodates his fans, but this time something snapped inside and the actor rose in anger!

Varun recently got into an argument with some unruly fans who refused to leave him alone. An onlooker says in an article in Midday, "The group of young men had been chasing Varun's car for the past few days. He had entertained them for a picture once, but kept following him around town. When Varun was exiting Dharma Productions office on Saturday night, he saw them there too and gave them a piece of his mind. He told them if they were his real fans, they should stop chasing him." 

We realize being a fan is no joke, but seriously, what would it take for people to recognise some boundaries?