Why Did Sabyasachi Mukherjee HIDE the Fact About Deepika Padukone’s Sari?
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Why Did Sabyasachi Mukherjee HIDE the Fact About Deepika Padukone’s Sari?

Deepika Padukone’s Konkani wedding sari has become controversial thanks to some alert social media users

This picture has been on his Instagram profile for at least 24 hours before he acknowledged it that Deepika's Konkani wedding sari was actually not his creation. Famed designer Sabyasachi in an Instagram post has now acknowledged that the head-to-toe sari that Deepika Padukone was seen wearing in the Konkani part of her wedding was not his creation at all but he only styled it on Deepika. Sabyasachi specifically adjusted the sari on Deepika by tailoring it and then accessorised it with the marriage dupatta and gems.
The fact was revealed when Instagram users pointed out that the sari was bought from a famous store in Bangalore by Deepika's mother. In fact, it was also pointed out that it is a Konkani tradition that the bride wears a sari which is gifted by her mother on the day of her wedding rituals.

Here's the Instagram post revealing the details:

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"Deepika Padukone's Kanjeevaram red gold wedding sari worn by her for the Mangalorean wedding ceremony with a Sabyasachi veil and jewellery was an Advaya sari from the House of Angadi, Bangalore" says Radharaman K, the store founder in an email to @thevofashion. As per tradition, the bride wears a sari given by the mother and the red gold sari is a real zari Kanjeevaram. "The body design is the Gandaberunda (two headed bird) the mythological figure that is also represented as the coat of arms of the Mysore Maharaja and subsequently Karnataka," adds Radharaman. He added that the veil was not theirs and the sari had been duly purchased from their store by Deepika herself along with another sari and there was no commercial or personal arrangement behind it. When I brought it to the notice of @sabyasachiofficial with Radharaman's permission, the designer instantly responded that it was indeed given by the bride's mother to them. They trimmed and styled it. @sabyasachiofficial also added with grace and clarity about credit where due that while the sari's details were not known earlier, once the store name has been brought to their notice and after it is verified, it must be rightfully credited.

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Immediately after, Sabyasachi came under flak for not acknowledging the fact that sari was not crafted by him when the first post went out with the same picture. Within hours, the designer issued a clarification on his Instagram acknowledging that the sari was not his creation. Here's the clarification.

Though the dust finally settled on the controversy, it is a still a hot topic of discussion why Sabyasachi didn't acknowledge that the outfit was not his creation in the first post and was forced to issue a clarification later.

It must be mentioned in this connection that Sabyasachi also forgot to credit the photographer who clicked the photos during the Anushka-Virat Kohli wedding during December 2017. He was called out for it too and only after that did he acknowledge the photographer on his posts.

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