Why Did Mum Babita Fire Kareena Kapoor?
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Why Did Mum Babita Fire Kareena Kapoor?

Bebo seems to have rubbed mummy the wrong way!

The beautiful Kapoor sisters may have all grown up and become successful with their own careers and families and all, but that doesn't mean that mum Babita Kapoor is not keeping a close watch! Known to be quite active in her daughters' lives and also in the early years of their careers, Babita Kapoor is always in the loop when it comes to her daughters' spending habits. And in most cases she is known to give sound financial advice which both her girls pay attention to. 
Except maybe just this one time. As per reports in dnaindia.com, Babita could be quite miffed with Kareena's latest splurge! "Get a small car Bebo", she had said apparently when Bebo was out looking for a new car to purchase, but not only did Bebo not pay attention but she went ahead and spent some big bucks on her new pair of wheels! 
Kareena laughs, "It's the newest S Class Mercedes. I wanted a larger car. But mom fired me when I bought it. She said why couldn't I have got a smaller car as it's easier to roam around the streets of Mumbai. She wanted me to buy a Hyundai, but cars is one of my passions that I like to indulge in."
Well, what can we say, you deserve it?
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