Why Anurag Kashyap's  23-Year-Old Girlfriend is Making News
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Why Anurag Kashyap's 23-Year-Old Girlfriend is Making News

Here is the latest on Anurag Kashyap's love life

Do you know who is the single point of envy in Bollywood today? None other than Bollywood hotshot filmmaker Anurag Kashyap! Every other Bollywood director is going green with envy ever since Anurag instagrammed a picture of his girlfriend who is about 20 years younger to him. To top it all, the director - who is not much of a fitness fan - was pictured practicing yoga with his girlfriend. We always thought women change the men they love but a girl who has got Anurag Kashyap to do yoga surely deserves to have him! 

So who is this new girl that Anurag appears to be smitten by? If gossip sites are to be believed, she is a 23 year old called Shubra Shetty and their pics together have been the point of discussion on social media. Anurag has had a long and colourful love life quite at par with known lady-killers of the industry. He was first married to editor Aarti Bajaj with who he has a daughter Aliyah who is now 17. The couple divorced in 2007.

Thereafter, he got involved with and later lived in with, and married his Dev D discovery Kalki Koechlin.  Many felt the director had at last, found true love as Kalki seemed to have a deep influence on him. Sadly this love story also did not last and the two divorced in 2015.

But Anurag didn’t give up on love. He later had an affair with another young girl, his assistant Sabrina Khan, and the portly filmmaker even declared his feelings for her in the media. It wasn’t long before they called it quits.

And now, this new story has emerged. Shubra is just a few years older than his daughter Aliyah and this aspect alone has set tongues wagging. But Anurag doesn’t seem to have a care about who’s talking what as he continues to post cosy pictures with his alleged lady love. Strange are the ways of Bollywood relationships! 

Here are some pictures of Anurag and his new lady love, Shubra Shetty:

Why Anurag Kashyap's  23-Year-Old Girlfriend is Making News

Why Anurag Kashyap's  23-Year-Old Girlfriend is Making News

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