Why Aamir Khan Loves China
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Why Aamir Khan Loves China

Despite the border disputes between India and China, here’s why Aamir is sold on it

At a time when India and China are constantly engaged in border disputes, Indian superstar Aamir Khan has reached out to China in a bid to bridge a gap between the two countries.  In an interview to the Chinese newspaper Xinhua, Aamir Khan has said that the two film industries should work together.

"There are many Chinese actors who are very talented ... I really want to do films with talents from China. Your Chinese talents and us Indians, we should make a film together. I believe it'll be wonderful," Khan said to Xinhua.

Aamir Khan declared that he is working towards bringing the two countries together when it comes to films. The Xinhua writes...Noting Bollywood's developed industrial system and China's huge film market, Khan said "I would like to see a lot of collaboration between creative people from China and India, making stories that people from both countries would love to see."

"I think it will bring the two countries closer. It will be wonderful for Indian audience to see Chinese actors and Chinese talents," he added.

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